Zombie Weekend

Do not call me this weekend. Do not email me.
Do not text me. Do not DM me.

I plan to be dead to the world.

The Walking Dead toddler approved

September has been anĀ unforgiving month and I intend to flush it from my system with a heavy dose of zone-out-worthy zombie movie marathons followed by fresh air chasers.

My body could use a shock to the system. The kind only a horror movie fest can deliver. Afterwards, I’ll take a walk outside, breathe in the cooling air, and nod approvingly that, “Huh, no zombies out here. Whew.”

I’ve been writing a lot about zen-level “Do what you’re doing while you’re doing it” promises to myself. I’ve been stopping in my scurrying tracks and making time to look my kids in the eye. Any time I write about this, my audience resonates like a tuning fork.

We need this.

We need to zone out. Unplug from the social juggernaut.

Just writing the phrase “zone out” makes me close my eyes and sort of hum an exhale to myself. Good grief.

Dear Internet Friends, I invite you to join me. Give the stink eye to the Internet and dive into your own little world this weekend. I know you will be tempted to Instagram that gorgeous shot or tweet that hilarious 140 character anecdote. But don’t.

Don’t reframe the moment in your head. Just be there. Listen to your kids tell you rambling stories, ask open-ended questions that force them to tell you more. Turn the tables on the little stinkers and ask lots of “Why?” questions. Drive them batty with giggles and pose preposterous “What if?” questions until they wail, “Mooooooommmmmmm!”

When they walk away, shaking their heads to themselves at how silly you are, you will have won.

One weekend away from your phone and your computer won’t kill you. Not in the way a double-tap kills a zombie.

Work on your unlimited character this weekend. If that means zombie movies, then by damn, let the living dead live it up!

*Note: I’m not actually going to let my kids watch The Walking Dead or any other freaking awesome zombie movie this weekend. But I will encourage them to go to bed early so I can watch ’em. After long days of lots of cuddling and torturing them with my undying attention. Pun intended.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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