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This Fun Kit Lets Kids “Fly” to Other Countries and Learn About New Cultures

Jetting off to another country at a moment’s notice isn’t exactly a realistic goal when you’re a kid (okay, or even an adult). But with Little Passports, it kind of is.

And the best part? You don’t even have to wait in line at airport security.

The monthly subscription-based kit lets little ones “travel” to distant countries and immerse themselves in new cultures through fun learning activities that’ll teach them about places near and far. Each kit comes with a pint-sized passport and a map of the world so kids can chart their many travels. Every month, a brand new kit gets delivered right to your door, with activities centered around a new country and a new sticker to slap on your kid’s passport.

(Better start racking up those frequent flyer miles now, Mom and Dad — your kid’s going to have some serious real-life wanderlust pretty soon.)

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Article Posted 8 months Ago

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