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This Organic Baby Food Company Delivers Pre-Made Meals Right to Your Door

Good news: There’s now a super easy way to feed your baby organic purées that doesn’t involve you standing over the food processor all day or forking over half your paycheck. (Have your ears perked up yet? Just wait.)

It’s called Little Spoon — a hassle-free delivery service that allows parents to choose from 24 organic blends of nutrient-dense baby food, and have them shipped right to their door bi-weekly. Meals start at just $3.92 (or $35 a week), and stay fresh for up to two weeks, thanks to HPP technology. And did we mention shipping is FREE? Yep.

Think of it like Blue Apron, for your baby. Except you won’t have to follow a complicated set of directions (and totally lose your cool) in order to make it.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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