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These Dessert-Themed Baby Teethers Look Good Enough to Eat

Ah, the wondrous teething stage — when babies take to gnawing on … well, just about anything they can get their hands on. (Isn’t it fun?!)

If you’re currently struggling through the teething stage yourself, the folks at LouLou Lollipop are about to come to the rescue. Their specially-made teethers are designed to soothe sore gums by offering babies 100% food grade silicone to chew on, and their sweet and whimsical styles might be some of the most adorable ones we’ve seen yet.

Would your little one care for a sprinkled donut, or an ice cream sundae swirl? (Honestly, we can’t decide either — but our mouths are seriously watering … )


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Article Posted 9 months Ago

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