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These Adorable Yoga Pants for Kids Are Made from Plastic Water Bottles

We all know yoga is a great way to clear your mind, soothe your anxiety, and sneak in some of that ever-elusive “me time” you’ve been craving. (Not to mention, it’s a pretty killer workout.) But studies show that yoga’s great for kids, too — from teaching them about mindfulness to promoting self-awareness and better concentration.

And clearly, they gotta wear the right duds while getting their zen on, right?

Enter, Sat Nam babe — a socially-conscious yoga brand for kids based right here in the U.S.A. Each piece of clothing is responsibly made, from organic cotton harem pants to Fair Trade-cotton tees, which use less water and have less pesticides than regular cotton-made clothing. But coolest of all? Sat Nam Babe’s super-soft yoga leggings, which are made from — get this — recycled plastic water bottles. In fact, each pair of leggings saves about five water bottles from a landfill. How cool is that?

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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