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This New Robotics Engineer Doll Is Exactly What Our Girls Need to See

We have been loving the different directions Barbie® has taken recently — her “Love Wins” T-shirt and historical “she-roes” series being just a couple of examples. Now, she’s showing off her smarts by stepping out as a robotics engineer … and honestly, it’s her best look yet!

The Barbie® Robotics Engineer doll builds robots, so she comes with her own purple laptop, safety goggles, as well as little silver robot figure. Dressed in a denim jacket and graphic tee, she’s both on trend and ready for the workday.

Released this past Tuesday, the new doll is meant to help get girls interested in working STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — when they grow up. According to the press release from Mattel, only 24 percent of STEM jobs are currently held by women.

In addition to the doll, Mattel is doing even more for the cause. For example, they’ve partnered with Tynker to create six free Barbie-inspired coding lessons for young learners, which they say are “designed to teach logic, problem-solving and the building blocks of coding” while casting them in different roles alongside Barbie. Not only that, but they’re also giving a grant to Black Girls CODE and giving away dolls at robotics workshops to girls interested in developing STEM skills.

How cool is this?! Seems like the sky’s the limit for Barbie® — and we can’t wait to see what she ends up doing next.

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Article Posted 8 months Ago

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