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This Disney-Themed Sandwich Stamp Removes the Crust for Picky Eaters

Show of hands if your kid has complained about eating the crust off their bread more times than you can even count?

… And now a show of hands if the process of removing said crust has driven you (slightly) nutty.

Yep — that’s what we thought. But this adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Stamp and Crust Cutter Set, from the new Disney Eats Collection, actually makes the job fun. Plus, the odds of your kid actually finishing their sandwich increase exponentially when there’s an insanely cute Mickey or Minnie face on the front. (Okay, so maybe that one hasn’t exactly been proven by science yet … but it sure feels true, doesn’t it?)

If you love this item, you should check out the all-new Disney Eats Collection, which includes everything from pancake molds to apron sets — all under $30!

Article Posted 1 year Ago

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