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This New Adaptive Clothing Line for Kids Deserves All the Applause

For kids with special needs who face physical limitations or challenges, getting dressed in the morning isn’t always so easy. But a new line of adaptive clothing from the U.K. brand Marks & Spencer is here to make things way easier.

The “Easy Dressing” line comes in a range of kids’ sizes, and includes everything from one-pieces that allow room for a cast (for hip dysplasia) to T-shirts and dresses that have discreet pockets to accommodate feeding tubes. Outfits are also designed to be extra gentle on the skin for kids with sensory needs, featuring soft glitter or other materials.

“We’ve absolutely loved working on this project and are proud that every product started from listening to mums and dads,” said Rebecca Garner, a kidswear designer at Marks & Spencer, in a recent press release. “Parents passionately told us that disabilities don’t define their children, so the adaptations shouldn’t define their clothes … it’s why all the products are inclusively designed and modeled closely on our main collection.”

Parents certainly are applauding — and so are we.

Article Posted 1 year Ago

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