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This Company Makes Furniture Kids Can Actually Play With

Kids are constantly looking for new ways to make things out of what’s around them. And sometimes, what’s around them just so happens to be your furniture. Like that fancy, totally overpriced, really hard to clean sofa of yours. (Why did you think that was a good idea again?)

If you’re used to your kids jumping, playing, building forts, or finding inventive ways to re-use your couch, allow us to introduce you to a new kids’ furniture company that actually caters to those creative impulses.

It’s called Nugget, and its slogan is, “Don’t just sit there.” (Because, really, how boring is that?) Each set comes with four soft, foam pieces that can be moved around to build all kinds of unique things to sit on or play on. It’s perfect for an indoor afternoon, a sleepover with friends, lounging with a book, or watching TV. And the best part is, it’s furniture you won’t actually mind them playing around with.

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Article Posted 10 months Ago

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