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Unicorn Toilet Paper Is Just the Magical Excess We Deserve in Our Lives

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re probably well aware that the unicorn craze has officially taken over. We’ve got unicorn iPhone cases and unicorn backpacks. Unicorn slippers and unicorn air diffusers. There’s even a cotton candy being sold by the name of “unicorn farts” (but if you have a kid in elementary school, we probably didn’t have to tell you that). And now, there’s apparently yet another unicorn item on the market — and it’s pretty hilarious.

Say hello to … unicorn toilet paper, which promises to make your bathroom experience even more magical!

This version, sold by Get Digital, features 200 sheets of “fluffy unicorns prancing over rainbows” and according to the website, is “superior to its regular brethren” (whatever that means). But if that doesn’t have you sold, perhaps this will: The product description on Get Digital says that “some people even say that one can occasionally feel the soft fur of a unicorn.”

LOL — in that case, we definitely need a roll or two.



Article Posted 2 years Ago

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