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There’s a Bob Ross Board Game at Target — Try Not to Lose All Your Chill

If the name Bob Ross doesn’t send a wave of nostalgia over you, then you clearly didn’t do the ’80s right. With his calm, reassuring voice, impressive brush strokes, and of course, that hair, Bob Ross warmed his way into our hearts with his popular painting show.

And now, he’s back. Well, sort of. Target is now selling Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game — and yes, you need it in your life.

The game is made for two to four players at a time, ages 12 and up, and challenges each of you to “finish one of Bob Ross’s masterpieces before he does, to win ‘chill’ status.” (Whatever that means.) It comes with four painting palettes, 60 art supplies cards, 24 “chill cards”, 11 technique cards, and more. (Happy little tress not included.) Check out more Bob Ross products hitting Target this season … 

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