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This Customizable Cookware Line Will Ramp Up Your Kitchen Game

Show of hands if you’ve ever splurged on cookware only to later run out for an extra sauce pan or frying pan or boiling pot that now totally doesn’t match the others in your collection? Yep — guilty as charged.

The truth is, cookware collections are pricey, but they aren’t always one-size-fits-all; and there’s finally a brand that gets it.

Enter, Made In — a new direct-to-consumer company that lets you mix and match your cookware to fit your needs in the kitchen. Each piece was smartly designed with professional-level quality, after company founders interviewed hundreds of at-home chefs to uncover what they needed most. And it certainly shows.

Just hop on Made In’s website and take a “Build Your Kitchen” quiz to customize your very own collection. Aside from being designed by you and for you, each piece is made in America with 5-ply, American-cladded metal — but at a price that won’t actually make your eyeballs jump out from your head. (How nice does that sound?)

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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