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This Clutch Purse Looks Exactly Like a Disney VHS Tape, and We’re in Love

Any good ’90s kid can remember coveting their prized collection of Disney VHS tapes. We stared longingly at the artwork on the covers, played (and replayed) them so many times we feared wearing out the tapes, and lined them up in alphabetical order for easy access (just us?).

Well, get ready to revisit your love for those old tapes in a MAJOR way: The Oh My Disney ‘90s Flashback Collection is here, and it will make you feel like a kid again.

The collection includes everything from jean jackets to tumblers, but our favorite piece has to be the VHS Case Clutch, which comes in classic covers ranging from Beauty and the Beast to The Lion King. It has a padded vinyl cover, two interior compartments plus a zip pocket in the center, with a simple clutch lock closure.

The ’90s are officially back, baby! (In the best possible way.)



Article Posted 1 year Ago

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