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Time to Happy Dance: These Maternity Clothes Are Modeled on Everyday Moms

When we saw the gorgeous photos on the website for Storq, a maternity clothing line for women that launched in 2014, we knew something was a little different.

Turns out, the company recruited everyday women who are pregnant or postpartum to model all their pieces, and the results are stunning.

The point is to give women maternity clothing options they can really see themselves in, which the company’s founders say is something they heard lots of people ask for.

“Everyone around us was getting pregnant and wondering aloud why maternity clothing didn’t look like things they (or anyone) would normally wear,” they note on their website.

So to solve that problem, they’ve created a line of maternity clothing they say can become your “uniform” — simple, quality pieces that you’d think were cute even if you weren’t pregnant. Including stretchy tees, tanks, leggings, jumpsuits, dresses, and more, this collection is the sophisticated take on maternity that we never knew we needed — with lovely women making them look amazing!


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Article Posted 8 months Ago

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