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This App Lets You Create One-of-a-Kind Baby Books Right from Your Phone

From the second your kid enters the world, the sheer amount of photos that start clogging up your camera roll is pretty mind-boggling. From first steps to first words (and honestly, pretty much everything in between), every little milestone suddenly seems worthy of capturing.

But let’s be real: How many of us will actually take the time to unload all those must-have photos from our phones and print them out for future posterity? Answer: Not many.

TreeRing Memories makes the job a whole lot easier — for Mom, Dad, and the whole fam. Through an easy-to-use app, you can create one-of-a-kind memory books that can be printed and mailed to you or a family member. The app organizes your photos for you by grouping your child’s photos by age and date, so you can easily sort them and either share them via the app with friends and family, or order a memory book that you can customize with different backgrounds, sweet or funny captions, and more.

(We gave it a try ourselves, and we gotta say — it’s pretty fun.)

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Article Posted 8 months Ago

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