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An installment of my monthly series on wonderfully stylish moms! I’ve previously interviewed Elaine, Reachel, April, and Grace. This month I’m so pleased to have the ever stylish and entrepreneurial Cori of Dress CoriLynn!

Cori and I started blogging around the same time a few years back. She lived not too far from me and we both occasionally featured sewing projects and I always thought of her as a tiny (she’s 4’11”) kindred spirit. The difference is that I sat around eating a lot of chocolate while she turned those occasional sewing projects into a whole line of fantastic skirts (and now dresses!) and started making a serious name for herself. Every time I see one of her pieces featured somewhere I grin and think to myself, “I knew her back when!” and then I go take a nap because just thinking about how hard she works makes me feel kind of drained. She is amazing and tireless and so ridiculously stylish.


  • Meet Cori! 1 of 8
    1 Stylish Mama | Cori of Dress CoriLynn
  • Do you have a sartorial security blanket? 2 of 8
    Sartorial Security Blanket

    Yes!  I have two actually. Boyfriend jeans and a white silk blouse. I would probably wear both of them every single day if it was socially acceptable. I always feel great when I'm wearing them and they are so versatile it's crazy. Seriously if there were only two things I could recommend for women who want to feel effortlessly chic, it would be a pair of boyfriend jeans and a silk blouse.

  • Quick! You have 5 minutes to get ready for a hot date with your husband. What’s your quick fix for dressing yourself up? 3 of 8
    Date Night

    Throwing on a pair of heels and some lipstick. It's amazing what those two things can do to make you feel put together. Plus, I'm really short and putting on heels just makes me feel a little more like a real adult. 😉

  • What’s the most impractical clothing item you own? 4 of 8

    My tulle skirt. It's white and delicate and completely fluffy, but it is the very most fun to wear. I think every woman should have a great Tulle skirt. 

  • What makes you feel pulled together? 5 of 8
    Pulled Together

    Fixing my hair. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair and if I don't fix it, it looks horrible. (Like hand in the light socket crazy big hair horrible.) Sometimes I wish I had low maintenance hair, but that's just not my fate, so I fix my hair every day and I always feel great when I do. 

  • If you had a child-free afternoon to shop, where would you go? 6 of 8

    Ah! I would go to Anthropologie, Nordstrom, J Crew, and Target. Oh, and Ikea! It would be a busy afternoon.

  • What’s the hardest part about dressing as a mother? 7 of 8
    Dressing as a Mother

    Keeping your style, and maintaining a sense of self. Being a mother can be a very physical job, and sometimes it makes wearing anything fun a little impractical. But I still wear what I like, even though there's more risk, because when I'm wearing what I feel most comfortable in, I'm a better mother, wife and human being. If, once in awhile, something precious gets stained or torn, I figure it's worth the risk.

  • Check Out Cori’s Stuff! 8 of 8
    Dress Cori Lynn

    Cori designs and sells gorgeous skirts (like this Bonjour Pencil Skirt) and dresses. Check out her shop, CoriLynn, to see her current offerings!

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