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An installment of my monthly series highlighting stylish mamas. This month I’m super stoked to highlight a dear friend and ridiculously fashionable lady – Grace of Camp Patton!

Grace would probably protest if I called her a fashion plate, but I think that’s a pretty fair description. Back in August, she rocked a pair of harems and suddenly everyone I knew was reconsidering their position on the controversial pants. I mean, if Grace looked THAT fantastic in them, then maybe we should all give them a second thought?

She’s a stay-at-home mother of 3, but that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to be a little adventurous with her style. She doesn’t adopt every trend – just the ones that work for her and then she thoroughly rocks them. The best part is that she has a fantastically dry, self-deprecating sense of humor, so you know she doesn’t take herself – or her clothes – too seriously.

I should also mention that she has 3 ridiculously well-dressed, small children who make me desperately want a pair of rain boots. You’ll see what I mean.

  • Meet Grace 1 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    Too pretty, right?

  • Mom Uniform 2 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    What does your mom uniform look like?

    Unless it's Sunday - anything that is not a dress or a skirt. Usually pants or shorts and a shirt and (wait for it ....) shoes!

  • Can’t Go Without… 3 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    What is one thing you never skip?

    Mascara - definitely mascara.
  • Sartorial Security Blanket 4 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    Do you have a sartorial security blanket?

    Any white shirt. They don't last long around here so when I find one I love I usually wear it a lot. Until it falls victim to something unbleachable.
  • Date Night 5 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    Quick! You have 5 minutes to get ready for a hot date with your husband. What's your quick fix for dressing yourself up?

    I always run the curling iron through my hair and sprinkle with hair powder. I'm pretty loyal to pants (I prefer flares!) and wedges and a flowyish top and have a few combinations I know I won't hate.
  • Impractical 6 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    What's the most impractical clothing item you own?

    Black-coated skinny jeans. they look ridiculous most places I frequent (Costco, the playground, church).
  • Pulled Together 7 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    What makes you feel pulled together?

    A workout and a shower in the morning.
  • Zara 8 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    If you had a child-free afternoon to shop, where would you go?

    I've never been to Zara but I would love to go see what all the fuss is about.
  • Hats Off 9 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    If you had a whole day when you didn't have to dress practically, what would you wear?

    A trendy (non-basebally) hat. How do people make those look so nonchalant? I would get many a stare from my perch in the minivan.
  • A Happy Balance 10 of 11
    Grace of Camp Patton

    What's the hardest part about dressing as a mother?

    I think reading (LOTS of) blogs and seeing fashionable young moms pull off rompers and overalls and adorably crazy printed pants like it's not big thang makes me feel like I should be able to dress that way too. But the reality is that I stay home most days and I would feel downright clowny going grocery shopping in (cute!) pleather pants and a floppy hat. Striking a happy balance between reality (comfort + the omnipresent danger that it will get diaper bombed on) and trendy is a challenge, but hopefully I get more and more confident as the years go on.
  • And the Kidlets 11 of 11
    Julia and Bash

    I have to include a few pics of Grace's super stylish tots- Julia (3), Sebastian (2), and Theo (10 mo). They wear those boots with EVERYTHING and it kills me.

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