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If you aren’t already reading Merrick’s blog then you should probably hop on over and add it to your feed reader. She’s one of the most stylish and inventive women I know and her posts on her blog and here at Babble are a serious source of inspiration. Her blog has exploded over the past couple years for good reason- she takes gorgeous pictures, writes great tutorials, and makes even the trickiest trends seem accessible for the average mom!

Merrick is a busy gal but she graciously took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about her mom uniform, feeling pulled together, and more! Read on.


  • Meet Merrick 1 of 9
    Merrick of Merricks Art

    And yes, her ombre is perfection.

  • What does your mom uniform look like? 2 of 9
    Merrick 1

    Jeans, an oversized tee, cute shoes, and simple jewelry. On cooler days I'll throw on a jacket and a scarf for some pretty layers and dimension.

  • What is one thing you never skip? 3 of 9
    Merrick 2

    Eyebrow corrector. I over plucked in my college days and I'm still paying for it. Putting my eyebrows on every morning makes my face feel complete.

  • Quick! You have 5 minutes to get ready for a hot date with your husband. What’s your quick fix for dressing yourself up? 4 of 9
    Merrick 3

    Throw on a pair of heels. It instantly makes me feel date night ready. And since it doesn't take me 5 minutes to put on a pair of shoes, I'd also grab a few statement necklaces and stack them together for some major neckline bling.

  • What’s the most impractical clothing item you own? 5 of 9
    1 Stylish Mama | Merrick of Merrick's Art

    Probably my fur vest. It's big and furry and borderline ridiculous, but I love it. And I'll continue to wear it!

  • What makes you feel pulled together? 6 of 9
    Merrick 5

    Painting my nails. I used to never take the time to do it, but just in the last few months I've started making an effort to consistently have painted nails, and I realized how much I loved it. In order for them to look nice I usually have to paint them twice a week, but it's a quick thing I can do in the evenings and makes my whole week feel better.

  • If you had a child-free afternoon to shop, where would you go? 7 of 9
    Merrick 8

    Probably Zara. I love their clothes, but their racks are so close together that I can't fit my strollers through, and I feel like their clothing is so hit or miss so I really have to dig.

  • If you had a whole day when you didn’t have to dress practically, what would you wear? 8 of 9
    Merrick 6

    Probably all white. I'm loving monochromatics lately, and I love the look of all white -- it's so ethereal, simple, and clean. This look is not even white enough -- I'm talking like ALL WHITE 😉

  • What’s the hardest part about dressing as a mother? 9 of 9
    Merrick 7

    Probably accepting the fact that my clothes will never stay clean. After almost four years of being a mom I've learned to have a year supply of stain remover on hand at all times, but it's still not fun to get food smeared all over my favorite clothes.

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