10 Beautiful & Graphic Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are certainly a lot more commonplace these days, but they’re still just as permanent as ever! If you’ve ever day dreamed about getting ink somewhere, someday, you’ve probably wondered what it feels like to strut your stuff with a beautiful tattoo peeking out for all the world to see. Well, why not try it out before Summer ends? These beautiful and graphic tattoos are just as beautiful as the real thing, but they’re only temporary—perfect for the non-committal non-conformist!

  • Graphic Unicorn Temporary Tattoo 1 of 10
    temporary tattoo unicorn

    This graphic unicorn is great for the dreamer. The placement shown here is lovely, but it would be perfect running across your forearm or shoulder blade too!

    Purchase from deKrantenkapper on Etsy for $8.17

  • Typographic Temporary Tattoo 2 of 10
    typographic temporary tattoo

    Typographic tattoos are not only beautiful decoration for your skin, but they're a great way to express your personality. This Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed temporary tattoo would be beautiful on the inside of your wrist, forearm, or bicep.

    Purchase from Tattify on Etsy for $5 (two in one set)

  • Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Temporary Tattoo 3 of 10
    Alice in Wonderland Rabbit temporary tattoo

    This whimsical temporary tattoo features the rabbit from the original illustrated Alice and Wonderland book. The etching style has great detail with a graphic look. Try it out on the bicep as shown or on your forearm.

    Purchase from Pepper Ink on Etsy for $5

  • Linear Cursive Tattoo 4 of 10
    linear typographic temporary tattoo

    Why add to the noise? Some typographic tattoos don't have to say anything at all! Sport this beautiful cursive temporary tattoo on the back of your neck, along the inside of your forearm, or even the side of your foot.

    Purchase from Tattoo Tattaa on Etsy for $4.08

  • Floral Engraving Temporary Tattoo 5 of 10
    floral engraving temporary tattoo

    This beautiful floral tattoo is illustrated in the style of antique engraving plates. It has great timeless appeal and its rounded shape would look great just about anywhere!

    Purchase from Tattly in a nautical set of 8 tattoos for $15

  • Imagine Illustrated Banner Temporary Tattoo 6 of 10
    typographic banner tattoo

    Spur on imaginations with this charming little banner temporary tattoo. Wear it on your arm, your wrist, or the back of your neck to inspire every dreamer who catches a glance of your tattoo.

    Purchase from Rachel Illustrates on Etsy for $5.72

  • Illustrated Bird Temporary Tattoo 7 of 10
    temporary bird tattoo

    Bird tattoos can be symbolic or just beautiful body art- or both! This little birdie is simple, graphic, and easy to place just about anywhere!

    Purchase from deKrantenkapper on Etsy for $6.81

  • Illustrated Feather Temporary Tattoo 8 of 10
    temporary feather tattoo

    Display your free-spirited personality with a wispy little feather on your forearm or bicep. This temporary tattoo would look great on your ankle or back too!

    Purchase from Lionhead Designs for $4

  • Illustrated Animals Temporary Tattoos 9 of 10
    temporary fox tattoo

    Let everyone know about your foxy side with this cute little temporary tattoo. The set also comes with a rabbit, so each week you can display your love for a different wild animal.

    Purchase Burrowing Home on Etsy for $10

  • Typographic Temporary Tattoos 10 of 10
    temporary typographic tattoo

    This set of 4 temporary tattoos gives you a few options to express yourself typographically. Yes, love, and ampersands- what's not to love?

    Purchase from Spirit Ink on Etsy for $5

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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