10 Cozy Parkas for All Budgets

I’ll be honest, I have little to no need for a parka in Mesa, Arizona. It DOES get fairly chilly during the winter (below freezing, even!) but our cold weather is of the blink-and-miss-it variety so I’d venture to guess that most of us don’t own much heavy-duty winter wear.

That doesn’t mean I can’t online window shop and dream though! Yesterday, a friend sent me a link asking for my opinion on a parka and it sent me down the rabbit hole of internet shopping. Ever since reading Julie of the Wolves in elementary school, I have wanted a parka (and mukluks, obviously, because who DOESN’T want to own something called a “mukluk”). It’s one of those odd kid obsessions that has stuck with me, apparently, because it took ALL my self-control to not order myself one of these beauties yesterday.

So, for those of you who DO get to enjoy colder weather, here are 10 fantastic parkas in all price ranges.

  • Bundle Up! 1 of 11
    10 Cozy Parkas for All Budgets

    Click through for some stylish parkas!

  • Madewell 2 of 11
    Madewell Parka

    Perfectly slouchy.

    Madewell, $185

  • OASAP 3 of 11
    OASAP Shearling Parka

    The shearling makes it look extra cozy.

    OASAP, $59.40 (on sale!)

  • ASOS Camo 4 of 11
    ASOS Camo Parka

    Stay plenty warm AND embrace the military trend with this lovely option.

    ASOS, $135.01

  • ASOS Fur Lined 5 of 11
    ASOS Fur Lined

    This one is fur lined. I feel like Julie would approve.

    ASOS, $148.51

  • Old Navy 6 of 11
    Old Navy Parka

    This super-affordable version has a detachable lining.

    Old Navy, $49.94

  • Piperlime 7 of 11
    Piperlime Parka

    I like those toggles.

    Piperlime, $234

  • ASOS Popper 8 of 11
    ASOS Popper Parka

    Ignoring the fact that they styled this one with shorts (?) I think this is a great, basic parka.

    ASOS, $109.69

  • Lands End Parka 9 of 11
    Lands End Parka

    Given Lands End's reputation for durability and quality this lighter-weight parka is a pretty safe bet at a great price.

    Lands End, $88

  • Bench Parka 10 of 11
    Amazon Parka

    On the opposite end of the spectrum from the lightweight Land's End option, we have this. My heart hurts a little bit for anyone who lives somewhere that requires a wearable sleeping bag in the winter but it DOES look super cozy.

    Amazon, $68.90

  • Yves Salomon Parka 11 of 11
    Yves Salomon Parka

    If you're wondering what an $1800 parka looks you know. I kind of hate that I love it as much as I do. That collar is drop dead gorgeous!

    Yves Salomon, $1880.86

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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