10 Fashion Trends in the Pacific Northwest

I was born and raised here in the Pacific Northwest and to be honest, so many fashion trends have stayed the same through the years. This is especially true for fall and winter fashion—I guess we know what we like! Here are the top 10 trends I see every day in Portland:

  • Puffy vests 1 of 10

    Come October, every other person I see is already wearing their favorite puffy vest over their thermal long-sleeve shirt. I'm starting to warm up to this very PNW trend. This off-white one would be my first choice! 

    Available at H&M, $49.95

  • Rain boots 2 of 10

    There is nothing worse than having soggy, cold feet all winter long and since it rains nearly all day every day, rain boots are your best friend! A classic pair of Hunters is my favorite! 

    Available at Nordstrom, $140

  • Pendleton accessories 3 of 10

     Oregonians are obsessed with their Pendleton and accessories are my favorite to "wear" Pendleton, especially a cozy scarf or a wool clutch (as pictured).

    Available at Vanilla & Lace, $20

  • Denim jackets 4 of 10

    Wear a classic denim jacket and you'll blend right in here! Although this isn't my favorite trend right now, it fits the PNW grunge theme perfectly.

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $49.99

  • Fake glasses 5 of 10

    We love wearing glasses whether you actually need them or not! No judgement here, they are fun way to change up your entire look.

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $14

  • Raw denim 6 of 10

     You'd be surprised how many people who can barely afford their daily latte will make an allowance for an almost $200 pair of jeans. Apparently they last for 10+ years in perfect condition, plus they look great! 

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $185

  • Desert boots 7 of 10

     We love these Clark Desert boots and they hold up well in the rain too!

    Available at Nordstrom, $120

  • Slouchy beanies 8 of 10

    Most people around here actually wear slouchy beanies year round but they are especially perfect for rainy winter days when you need to hide your out-of-control, frizzy hair.

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $20

  • Chambray button-ups 9 of 10

    Chambray all day, everyday! PNW'ers love to wear denim on denim (on denim) so you need at least a few chambray shirts in your closet!

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $54

  • Flannel 10 of 10

    Channel your inner lumberjack with a cozy, long-sleeve flannel. I love how they styled this one with a dress, keeping it feminine! 

    Available at Urban Outfitters, $39

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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