10 Gorgeous Midi Skirts and 10 Tips for Wearing Them

Midi skirts are a total throw-back to the fifties when hemlines demurely covered the entire knee. The length is classy and lady-like, BUT. These can be a little tricky to pull off! If you’re nervous about jumping on board this trend, then take a look at these 10 gorgeous midi skirts for some inspiration. I’ve also included 10 tips for wearing them with aplomb so you can fast-forward through the part where you stand in front of your mirror for an hour and make a mess of your closet wondering how on earth you’re supposed to wear a skirt that hits you in the shin. (Been there, done that, figured it all out for you.)

Now let’s get our midi on!

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    10 Gorgeous Midi Skirts (and 10 Tips for Wearing Them)

    Midis don't have to be scary!

  • ASOS Pink Pleated Midi 2 of 11
    ASOS Pink Pleated Midi

    Those leopard heels are absolutely perfect with this bubble gum pink midi! Which brings me to:

    TIP 1: Unless you have legs like Heidi Klum, leave the flats at home. It's all about the HEELS when you're wearing a midi!

    Purchase at ASOS, $53.39

  • F21 Chiffon Midi 3 of 11
    F21 Chiffon Midi

    I love this delicately feminine chiffon option! Wouldn't it be perfect with a sequin top for a holiday party?

    Tip 2: Since your legs are pretty covered up, be a little daring and show some skin elsewhere! Bare a sliver of abs, show off your shoulders, or rock a top with a low V in the back!

    Purchase at Forever 21, $17.80

  • ASOS Embellished Midi 4 of 11
    ASOS Beaded Midi

    This nude and pearl midi is drop. dead. gorgeous. I have no idea where I'd wear it but, dang it. I would FIND an event!

    Tip 3: Remember your proportions! A slim-fit skirt should be paired with a looser fit top and vice versa.

    Purchase at ASOS, $106.79

  • Mango White Midi 5 of 11
    Mango White Midi

    I love white in winter! This skirt would be so lovely peeking out from under a winter coat.

    Tip 4: Consider an open topped shoe. They lengthen your legs even further! Steer clear of heels with cuffs or thick ankle straps.

    Purchase at Mango, $69.99

  • ASOS Sequin Midi 6 of 11
    ASOS Sequin Midi

    I keep pulling this glitzy one up just to admire it. I feel like Daisy Buchanan would approve.

    Tip 5: Consider your fabrics and textures. A midi skirt takes up a lot of visual space on your body so try pairing it with contrasting textures and fabrics to add interest and avoid overwhelming your frame. This sequin and silk ensemble is spot on.

    Purchase at ASOS, $62.29

  • Express Leather Waistband Midi 7 of 11
    Express Leather Trim Midi

    The leather waistband gives just a smidge of edge to this otherwise lady like black skirt. Those simple bangles are the perfect accessories.

    Tip 6: Wear your midi skirt at your natural waist or even a little higher. Don't go lower! It will just weirdly elongate your torso and shorten your legs.

    Purchase at Express, $29.99 (on sale)

  • H&M Jersey Skirt 8 of 11
    HM Jersey Skirt

    I live in jersey tube skirts and I'm always looking to expand my collection!

    Tip 7: Tuck your shirt in! You want to create a long line down from your waist, not cut yourself off at the hips.

    Purchase at H&M, $12.95

  • ASOS Pleated Midi 9 of 11
    ASOS Pleated Midi

    School girl chic in the perfect deep winter red.

    Tip 8: Cinching your waist with a mid- to wide-width belt will you give you a super feminine silhouette.

    Purchase at ASOS, $29.37 (on sale)

  • Urban Renewal Tulle Midi 10 of 11
    Urban Renewal Tulle Midi

    Tulle is so fun for this time of year! Perfect for parties and fancy occasions.

    Tip 9: If you're really feeling stumpy, go for a mini masquerading as a midi. These skirts have sheer midi-length layer over a mini length lining. They drive me nuts ("Hey look at that super cute midi! GAH IT'S A MINI IN DISGUISE") but they're a good transition piece if you're still trying to figure the length out!

    Purchase at Urban Outfitters, $79

  • Nordstrom Faux Leather Midi 11 of 11
    Nordstrom Faux Leather Midi

    It takes a brave woman to pull off a leather midi but there are so many fun styling options! Rocker tee, sequins, tucked in cardigan! I'd love to give it a try!

    Tip 10: Have fun with it! I've seen street style pictures that bucked every one of these tips and those women looked fabulous. If you feel like wearing chucks and an oversized sweater with your full a-line midi then do it! With the right attitude, you can rock whatever you want.

    Purchase at Nordstrom, $72

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