10 Men Reveal Hilarious Fashion New Year’s Resolutions


As I was putting together my fashion new year’s resolutions this year, I stopped to think about how we, as women, tend to put a lot on our shoulders (pun intended). We want to look our best, but we don’t want our family to sacrifice for our vanity. We want to look attractive for our husbands, but not go overboard and care too much. We know if we feel great, our family will run smoother. But we can’t feel too great about ourselves, because that would be prideful, and that’s not a good example to show our kids. To put all these thoughts in perspective, I thought I would ask a few guys (including my husband) if they had any fashion new year’s resolutions that they wanted to share. Here’s what they came up with:

“I guess my near year’s resolutions include buying less T-shirts that have superhero logos.”

“Trying to branch out into colors that aren’t navy blue, black, or gray, or faded navy blue, or faded black. Sometimes I can’t tell whether some of my shirts are gray or just faded black.”

“I’m thinking about experimenting with pants that aren’t jeans. But I think all I’m ready for are jeans that aren’t blue.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.33.00 AM

“Oh, I really like my navy blue hoodie, so I might get a gray one.”

“Resist buying men’s dress sweat pants or pre-distressed, torn jeans.”

“I think booties are coming back; they’re this year’s suspenders.”

“I’m going to try not to wear the same T-shirt every day.”

“I’m going to try and buy a dress shirt. I think I should have one.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.29.42 AM

“I vow to throw out any T-shirts that have holes big enough to stick my hand through.”

“This might not seem like a big deal, but I’m going to invest in some new underwear. I have been slacking on that — big time.”

So as you put together your resolutions, you might want to be inspired by the simplicity of these guys’ ideas. Take a lesson from them: start small and choose something that is attainable. Your resolutions can simply be a step in the right direction; they don’t need to be a whole life transformation. Instead of wanting to “always look your best,” maybe just save up for a dress that you feel great in. Instead of “not spending any money on yourself,” maybe just stick with your budget. Don’t take the resolution writing process as a time to beat yourself up with all the things that you should be doing better. Instead, run your resolutions through the eyes of the men in your life, and maybe just vow to throw out any T-shirts that have big holes in them. Then check that off your list and give out some high fives. You’re doing great.

Image sources: McKenzie Goff Thompson, Kerry Bellessa via Instagram, Aaron Bellessa via Instagram

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