10 Men’s Style Blogs to Bookmark

It’s been a woman’s world when it comes to fashion blogs and I’m so happy to see that over last few years, menswear blogging has picked up momentum with great photos and lots of variety. Whether you’re into the classics or lean toward what the mainstream would coin as eccentric, there’s a lot more to choose from these days.

I suggested a few sites to my boyfriend, who is really into tailoring and classic cuts. I think in many ways fashion blogs have helped him take his already existing interest in a good fit to playing around with patterns, textures and colors. Together, we gathered up a diverse list of style blogs that will be sure to inspire! With the holidays quickly approaching, this is a great time to find a sleek watch, a fantastic coat, or an amazing pair of wing tips.

Here are 10 men’s style blogs to bookmark for your beau!

  • The Rake 1 of 10

    Seeking to recapture the codes of classic men's elegance? THE RAKE is aimed at the gentleman who draws his  inspiration from classic Hollywood icons.

  • Uncrate 2 of 10

    Is your guy obsessed with gadgets, clothes, cars, tools, movies and music? Style is all-encompassing and uncrate is the perfect spot for daily inspiration and cool stuff!

  • The House of Mjad 3 of 10

    The House of Mjad's author sums up his curated images like this - "Style: an overused word these days, to be sure. Not all style is good, but all style expresses individuality, and these pages express mine. Style is not about impressing other people, it's not about fashion or about wealth; it's about how you live your life with what you can have. Here, you be the judge." -- Hooman Majd.

    That certainly got me to click more than once!

  • Gilt MANual 4 of 10

    If your guy wants to hone his personal style but doesn't really know where to start, Gilt MANual is a great resource for men. Want to know how to switch up a work boot or how to get the most from their barber? This is your blog!

  • Well Spent 5 of 10

    Is your guy not into a spending a mortgage on cufflinks? Well Spent promises not to feature items that cost an arm and a leg while keeping their posts rich with honestly crafted products.


  • Kempt 6 of 10

    What does your appetite, shoes, and bike gear say about you? Kempt has the answer to these questions and more. It's a great site with a little bit of everything.

  • A Continuous Lean 7 of 10

    From vintage to shetland sweaters, A Continuous Lean is for any man who loves quality and style.

  • Secret Forts 8 of 10

    Secret Forts is like the male version of Because I'm Addicted. It's a collection of good things that will keep the inspiration wheels turning all the time.

  • Fashion Beans 9 of 10

    Fashion Beans is the ultimate guide to men's fashion, style, and grooming. I say it's for the man who likes runway style and wants to master the art of a great beard. Fantastic site for ideas and inspiration.

  • Style Girlfriend 10 of 10

    And of course, The Style Girlfriend. After all, many guys want and need a woman's perspective!

    To see more options, there's another great list on Real Men, Real Style.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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