10 Mid-Century Style Must Haves

If you’re drawn to the mid-century modern style — from furniture to color schemes to TV shows (ahem, Mad Men) — you’d probably love to start building a wardrobe that better reflects your style aesthetic.

And luckily you don’t need to sift through thrift stores and vintage shops on Etsy, because the retro ’50s/’60s style is back in a big way. And one of my all-time favorite shopping sources is

Here are some wardrobe basics for building a mid-century style with a modern spin:


  • Mid-Century Modern 1 of 11

    So you're drawn to the '50s/'60s vibe? Here are 10 basics to add to your wardrobe...

  • Retro A-Lines 2 of 11

    Pencil skirts might be a modern wardrobe staple, but A-line skirts are the mid-century modern must-have. Look for a cinched waist and flared skirt.

    ModCloth, $89.99

  • Shirtdresses 3 of 11

    Channel your inner '50s housewife (with a modern twist, of course) with a shirtdress. Or two. Or three.

    ModCloth, $44.99

  • Peter Pan Collars 4 of 11

    Whether it's a dress or button-up shirt — or even just a T-shirt — Peter Pan collars bring a charming '60s flair to a wardrobe.

    ModCloth, $49.99

  • Vintage-Inspired Shoes 5 of 11

    Look for kitten heels and bows.

    ModCloth, $114.99

  • This Hat 6 of 11

    Rather than wear a modern beanie or fedora, opt for a sophisticated Old Hollywood hat.

    ModCloth, $34.99

  • Detachable Cardigans and Capes 7 of 11

    ModCloth has a selection of cute Sock-Hop-style dresses with removable capes/cardigans/shawls. Just put on some brogues and throw your hair up in a high pony!

    ModCloth, $79.99

  • Flare Jeans 8 of 11

    If you must wear jeans, have a pair of '60s/'70s-inspired denim in your groovy mid-century modern wardrobe. 

    ModCloth, $99.99

  • Conservative Dresses 9 of 11

    Even with the '60s mini-skirt craze, mid-century dresses were still relatively conservative. 

    ModCloth, $49.99

  • Poodle Skirts (Hold the Poodle) 10 of 11

    Having an A-line flared skirt is a basic must-have that can be mixed and matched with plenty of outfits. 

    ModCloth, $89.99

  • Cat Eye Glasses 11 of 11

    Because, of course!

    ModCloth, $11.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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