10 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

If you give me the choice between a traditional scarf and an infinity scarf, I’ll always choose the latter. No tying, no fringe, perfect length every time, and perfectly cozy for your neck — they’re the perfect fall and winter accessory, and they’re so easy to make on your own.

I’ve been seeing buffalo plaid everywhere these days (including an easy regular scarf my sister made a few weeks ago), which inspired me to use the same gorgeous print for my infinity scarf.

Check out this super easy infinity scarf tutorial that will take you less than 10 minutes to make, and makes a perfect gift for your friends, sisters, or really anyone!


  • 1 yard fabric (mine was flannel shirting fabric from Jo-Ann’s)
  • matching thread
  • Easy DIY Infinity Scarf 1 of 7

    Keep clicking for the super easy tutorial!

  • Materials 2 of 7

    All you need is a yard of fabric and some thread!

  • Step 1. 3 of 7

    Spread your yard of fabric out flat and do a zigzag or serge stitch around the whole outside. This will secure the edges so it won't fray or unravel. 

  • Step 2. 4 of 7

    With right sides together, fold the scarf in half with the long sides together (hot-dog way). Sew all the way along the non-folded long edge, as seen above, to create a long thin tube of fabric. 

  • Step 3. 5 of 7

    Turn the tube right side out and take the two remaining raw edges and lay them flat. Take one of the raw edges openings and folded it in as if you were hemming it (as seen above). Then take the other raw edge and tuck it inside the other end (as seen above). 

  • Step 4. 6 of 7

    Once the raw edge is tucked into the folded-over edge, pin in place and then sew with a straight stitch, as seen above. Press your seams, fluff your scarf, and you're done!

  • Done! 7 of 7

    A fun, festive, and trendy scarf! 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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