10-Minute DIY: Lace Elbow Embellished T-Shirt

During the summer when all I want to wear are denim cut-offs and t-shirts, it’s fun to add little embellishments to those tees so they’re a little more special and fun.

Today, I want to share a super easy way to add lace cuffs to your sleeves. It only take a couple of minutes and makes a plain shirt feminine and pretty.



  • T-shirt ( mine is this one from Old Navy)
  • 1 yard of thick lace (mine is from Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • matching thread


Step 1 (optional): If the sleeves of your tee are a little loose, turn your tee inside out and line up the armpit seams. Pin in place. Then start a seam, stitching right on top of the existing side seam, and slowly angle away, and up toward the armpit seam (as shown), then down again toward the end of the sleeve, taking in as much as needed. Repeat on the other side, then trim the seam allowances.



Step 2: Take your two pieces of lace and measure the length around the arm opening. Add a half inch for seam allowance and cut your lace to that measurement. Then fold the lace in half and sew up the sides (as shown below). Repeat for the second lace cuff.



Step 3: With right sides together, pin the lace to the sleeve of your shirt and then sew around the arm opening, securing the lace in place. Trim your seam allowances and you’re done!





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