10-Minute DIY: Turn Baggy Jeans Into Skinny Jeans

I can’t count how many times I find a great pair of jeans (or pants) on clearance or at a thrift store and try them on just to find out they are extremely baggy throughout the legs and I end up leaving the store without them. That is until I discovered how easy it is to alter them myself! Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for maternity jeans and while most of them fit throughout the belly and hips, I’ve found them all to be excessively baggy in the legs. After trying them on at five different stores and ordering pairs online, I decided to just keep the smallest pair and alter the legs myself! When all else fails, do-it-yourself right?? If you find yourself with the same problem, I hope you’ll try this out and see how easy it is to make any pair of jeans (or pants) fit perfectly! Here’s the super easy way I turned these baggy maternity jeans into skinny jeans.

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    Click through for step-by-step instructions!

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    As you can see, they were pretty baggy through the legs, which made me look larger and stumpier than I really am. Let's fix that ASAP! 

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    step one

    Step one: Turn your jeans inside out and flatten out each leg.

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    step 2

    Step two: Grab a pair of jeans that fit you well and lay them on top of the baggy pair, lining up the outer seam. 

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    step three

    Step three: Use a piece of chalk (or a pen/pencil) and trace around the pants, marking where your new inner seam will be. 

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    step four

    Step four: Double check your chalk lines to make sure both legs are even. Then sew along the chalk line and repeat on the other pant leg. Note: Cut along the edge of your seam to remove excess bulk.

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    try on

    Now turn your jeans right side out and admire your new—way more flattering—jeans! 

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    Hooray! No more baggy frumpy maternity jeans! 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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