10 Stylish Family Photos – Get Inspired!

Photography has gotten more and more affordable and user-friendly, giving you a large range of price points and creativity levels and styles. The studio setting at your local department store isn’t your only option, in fact, the sky’s the limit on where or how you want to capture your family. We have compiled 10 fashionable family pictures to inspire you. Get inspired! Some of them are works of art, some of them are moments of magic, and some are all about the family.


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I included a family photo from both my family, and my husband’s family. We had a great time shooting both, but they couldn’t be more different. The family portrait above is in my husband’s hometown of Seattle, WA. It was around Christmas and we all dressed up. The second family portrait is on my family’s vacation. We wanted to remember the trip and we kept it casual.

Remember to take advantage of being able to see instantly what the pictures look like. You can ask the photographer to see the first few shots, to make sure it’s what you have in mind and to make sure you didn’t miss anything. It gives you a chance to fix a clothing choice that isn’t quite working, or try to comb down any unruly hairs that look out of place. If only this was the case in 1993 with my unruly bangs! Your paying the photographer to capture your family in the way that you’ve imagined, so feel free to show them pictures of inspiration and direct any shots you really want to get. Most photographers welcome your input, they want you to be happy with the end product. Feel free to link/pin/tweet any of your favorites below.

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And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for… 10 Stylish Family Photographs to get inspired by!

  • Amelia Lyon 1 of 10

    Amelia Lyon is one of those photographers that love her family and is constantly inspired by the people she photographs. This family fought huge odds to be all together in this spot and it feels almost heavenly as the trees perfectly surround them and light floods their smiling faces. To read more about their story and see more of Amelia's work, go here:

  • Matt Bowen 2 of 10

    Maria Carmel is an amazing photographer in her own right (her hubby Nick shoots amazing videos too), so it's no surprise that she picked a great photographer, Matt Bowen, to capture this amazing shot. Their style shines through, but doesn't overwhelm the shot.

  • Evan Gunville 3 of 10

    Your family doesn't have to look like the perfect family to get pictures taken. Widowed? Divorced? Remarried? Whatever your story, you will be happy you documented this part of your life. This amazingly charming shot is by Evan Gunville. He captured his brother with his daughter. 

  • Woodnote Photography 4 of 10

    Don't forget to have the photographer capture some of your stylish details. Ken and Erin Loechner's shoes tell a lot about them, and the time period. Captured by

  • Sloan Photographers 5 of 10

    This shot could stand alone as a work of art. The scenery is stunning and I love how the grass is blurred in the foreground. This is a picture that you could blow up and have on your wall, and not feel embarrassed about. See more of their work here Sloan Photographers.

  • Troy Grover 6 of 10

    I love that Promise Tangeman included her dog in the picture. Pets are part of the family and can add spontaneity and energy into the shoot. This shot is captured by So cute!

  • Valerie Hart Photography 7 of 10

    Having your kids do an activity, like camping or having a picnic, gives them the freedom to be their adorable selves and not worry about the camera. That's when you really capture their spunky personalities, and have a picture that will take you back to that time period every time you look at it. Picture by Valerie Hart Photography.

  • Michelle Kim Photography 8 of 10

    Don't wait till you have kids! You can celebrate your family of two. Photo by the lovely Michelle Kim! She is just so much fun, you can probably tell just by looking at this shot!

  • Momoko Photography 9 of 10

    Use impactful props that make sense. I am not a fan of props just for the sake of props.  Only use vintage luggage, if  you are going somewhere, or umbrella's if it's raining. The right prop can add charm and energy to a shot, especially when working with kids. Can't get a smile? Balloons always help. Photographed by  Momokophotography.

  • Eliza J Photography 10 of 10

    Some of my favorite family pictures feel like moments captured together, instead of a stuffy staged shots. I love that Tatum and her family are smiling at each other, like we aren't even there. Photo by Eliza J Photography.

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