10 Stylish Technology Gadgets You Can Wear

My other half is a technology entrepreneur so I have a front row seat to the latest and greatest tech gadgets. From time to time, items that combine both technology and fashion come on the market and they always catch my eye. Today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite stylish technology gadgets!

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    Click through to shop 10 stylish tech gadgets that you can wear!

  • Sillic Self-Cleaning Shirt 2 of 12

    How perfect is this shirt for moms and dads on the go? Sillic shirts use hydrophobic technologies that make liquids like sweat and drinks literally roll right off of you. The simple and stylish design is comfortable and made of ultra soft, breathable fabric. Available in black or white with a $48 minimum Kickstarter pledge. 


    Get it from Kickstarter for a $48 minimum pledge.

  • RFID Blocking Wallets 3 of 12
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    Identity Stronghold wallets contain RFID blocking technology that prevents wireless identity theft and theft of personal financial information. It's the epitome of fashion combined with function! Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.


    Get it from Identity Stronghold for $59.99-69.99.

  • Embrace Smart Notification Bracelet 4 of 12
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    Want phone notifications during a work out or a long meeting? Embrace+ is a smart notification bracelet that flashes a range of customizable colors for different alerts and contacts. It can be used to signal incoming calls, texts and social media alerts so you can stay connected to your phone.


    Available from Embrace+ for $69. More info on Mashable here.

  • Stelle Audio Clutch 5 of 12
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    The Audio Clutch is a stylish clutch that opens up to reveal some pretty cool looking audio hardware. The clutch allows you to listen to music, host a conference call or talk to a friend via speakerphone and pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device.


    Get it from Stelle for $399.

  • Sports Bra That Detects Cancer 6 of 12

    First Warning Systems' Breast Tissue Screening Bra is a continuous monitoring system for breast cancer that could be more effective than mammograms. A sensor in the bra "measures cell temperature changes associated with blood vessel growth that feeds tumors." In clinical trials with 650 women, the smart bra "has been able to detect the presence of tumors 6 years before traditional imaging systems can. It also showed a 92.1% level of accuracy at correctly classifying them, which is much higher than routine mammograms (70%)."


    First Warning Systems plans to commercialize the system in the U.S. in 2014, pending regulatory approval. Visit First Warning for more information, or watch the video on Mashable here.

  • Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Smart Watch 7 of 12
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    There are a lot of smart watches on the market right now, but the rose gold face on the Samsung Galaxy Gear makes this my top pick for style! Compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 mobile phone, it allows you to receive notifications on your wrist, place calls and answer them directly from your watch, use simple voice commands to compose messages, schedule an event, check the weather, and more. Also includes find my device features, auto lock and unlock, a built-in pedometer, music player, and a 1.9 MP auto-focus camera embedded in the strap.


    Get it from Best Buy for $299.99.

  • Sensoree Mood Sweater 8 of 12

    Remember hypercolor shirts from the 80's? The Mood Sweater from Sensoree is on a whole new level. Using technology called Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER) sensors, it reads your emotions by measuring excitement levels and creates a color light display that indicates how you are feeling. 


    Pre-order from Sensoree now; available for purchase in March.

  • Everpurse Charging Station 9 of 12
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    If you're like me, you are constantly forgetting to charge your phone. Now with Everpurse, you can charge your phone on the go thanks to a plug and small battery stored inside.


    Get the look from Everpurse for $329. Or try a similar technology from Firebox for $139.

  • Smarty Ring 10 of 12
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     Similar to a smart watch, Smarty Ring brings the technology of your phone right to your finger. Bluetooth technology allows for call notifications, text and email alerts, and real time social media updates. Control your phone without touching it, track your phone, keep time - all in one waterproof, stylish ring that charges wirelessly every 24 hours.



    Get it from Smarty Ring for $175.

  • Jawbone UP Activity Tracker 11 of 12
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    Jawbone's UP system "takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle." The wristband tracks your movement and sleep, the app displays your data and allows you to add details like meals and mood, and the home screen provides insights to check your progress.


    Get it from Jawbone for $129.99.

  • 3D Printed Jewelry 12 of 12

    Bonus item #11 is not a tech gadget per se, but technology was used to create it. One of the latest trends in accessories is jewelry created by 3D printers. Check out two companies selling 3D jewelry - Style Shapes and Shapeways.


    Get the look from Style Shapes for $85.

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