10 Stylish Labor and Delivery Gowns

After having given birth to one child, and preparing to birth my second, I know that labor and delivery isn’t necessarily the most elegant of affairs.  There is one thing you have control over, though, and that is what you don as you labor.  As I’m contemplating how I’m taking charge of my labor and delivery this time around, I’m thinking about purchasing my own gown to wear, and I thought I’d share with you some of the looks I’ve come across that are not only stylish, but also functional as the designers take into consideration easy access for epidurals, monitoring baby, and even nursing.  You may even want to save these gowns for a comfortable recovery after birth and all those photo ops!  These would also make great gifts for a mom to be! Here are 10 gowns I’m thinking about purchasing.

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This Gownies organic labor and deliver gown has snaps down the back to provide full coverage yet easy access for an epidural. Front snaps are easy for breastfeeding and medical examinations. And many hospital staff members approve of the ease of this gown. You can purchase this organic version, or gander other options, from Gownies, for $49.
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This Annie and Isabel labor and delivery gown has overlapping panels that tie at the hip. Each of the sleeves unsnap to comply with hospital standards and makes it easy to breastfeed. These gowns have been designed by registered nurses. You can purchase this Anita design from Annie and Isabel for $72.
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This PurpleBerryStork hospital gown boasts an exclusive nursing slit with a pleat over each breast covering up slits that allow for easy nursing access. The back of the gown also snaps from top to bottom for easy access, yet full coverage. You can purchase this orange with pistachio sash PurpleBerryStork gown for $64.95.
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This Pretty Pushers delivery gown offers a unique style with ties in the front to allow easy monitoring of baby and examinations for you. It boasts it's reasonable price of $29 so there's no guilt if you decide to toss it right after birth. It also has a low cut back to allow for epidural placement if needed and a tie neck halter to allow for easy skin to skin access. You can purchase this gown, and browse the other color options, at Pretty Pushers.
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The Dear Johnnies hospital gown as been the choice for labor and delivery by celebrities like Tori Spelling and Jennifer Lopez. It also has a snap down back for easy access, as well as snap down shoulders for breastfeeding and medical exams. This Libby design can be purchased from Dear Johnnies for $72.
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This Push! delivery gown has cross over front and shoulder straps for ease of breastfeeding and medical examinations. It also has those buttons up and down the back for coverage and easy access. The ribbon is perfect to add after birth for all those photo ops! You can find this Gannon gown at Push! for $68.99.
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The Birthinggown is designed by a labor and delivery nurse with soft fabric in mind for your comfort. It wraps around your body enough to allow the privacy you may want. Simply untie the sash for easy access to your back for an epidural. It also has velcro at the shoulders to allow easy access for breastfeeding or other medical needs. This Blueberry Buckle version is available directly from B&G Birthingown for $66.
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Little Trendy Baby birthing gowns have been hospital certified and can be used for surgery, c-sections, and delivery. These gowns have snaps all the way down the back, and the sash is not needed, but an added bonus for later. You can purchase this design from Little Trendy Baby for $57.99
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I just love all of the options available from Etsy for labor and delivery gowns. This is the Diana from MommyMoxie, named after my dear friend who it was made for and who is modeling it. These gowns have been Doctor/Midwife/NP/ Anesthesiologist/Nurse approved, and in some cases approved for c-sections. As well, the sleeves unsnap from the top for easy skin to skin access as well as breastfeeding or any other medical needs. And finally, they have the snaps up and down the back. You can purchase this design from MommyMoxie for $63.
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BINSI offers an alternative to the labor and delivery gown with their birthing skirt. You can pair it with a nursing or sports bra for extra comfort during delivery. It has front snaps for ease of taking it on and off, and the waist is adjustable so you can even wear it as a maternity skirt as your belly grows. You can purchase this BINSI PrimaMama Sport birthing skirt for $55.
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