10 Tasteful Ways to Represent Your Hometown with a T-Shirt!

The other day, as we were getting ready for a day out, I felt completely grateful for our hometown of Brooklyn, New York. My daughter was born here and so was I. My husband, originally from Maryland, doesn’t ever plan on moving. I love that even when we’re old, we will look at Brooklyn and think fondly of all the memories we created here.

River has a “Je t’aime Brooklyn” shirt that I completely adore; as for me, I have nothing. On most days, I feel like my accent, my sass, and my style might be a dead giveaway. But in addition to all of that, I would love a cute t-shirt I could rock when I’m away from my home. I didn’t expect to find much out there that wasn’t dreadfully tacky. But I was surprised!

Here are 10 tasteful ways to represent your hometown with a t-shirt!

  • Brooklyn 1 of 10

    Up first, my hometown. This Spike Lee Brooklyn tee is newbie, but it's sure to be a classic wardrobe piece soon enough. It's marked for men, but with a pair of high waisted jeans, or even belted, I can totally see myself rocking this number. 

    Dirty Sweet CO: $14.99

  • Chicago 2 of 10

    Ha! I love the spin on the "keep calm"!

    Sky Line Mania: $14.99

  • Virginia 3 of 10

    I anticipated finding only the usual "Virgina is for Lovers" t-shirt, but how I love this "Virginia is for Hustlers" tee! It's true, and be proud of it!

    Cafe Press: $15.99

  • Portland 4 of 10

    So I've never been to Portland, but some aspects of the rain and fog sound totally dreamy. Especially if it means getting to wear this tee!

    Tender loving Empire: $24.00

  • Texas 5 of 10

    Is it weird that I am not from Texas, but I really want this t-shirt?! No? Okay, thanks. 

    Asos: $57.38

  • California 6 of 10

    This California crop top feels like such a classic with it's Coca-Cola inspired colors and font. 

    Minga: $21.41

  • Wisconsin 7 of 10

    Every t-shirt I found that represented Wisconsin had something to do with beer or cheese; neither of which I like. But this one with the bike is a winner. 

    Wisconsin Bike fed: $25.00

  • Florida 8 of 10

    I like that the flamingo alone represents Florida here. It isn't spelled out like most hometown tees. 

    Dark Cycle Clothing: $21.00

  • Washington DC 9 of 10

    The small piece makes such a large impact. 

    Homeland Tees: $22.95

  • Nashville 10 of 10

    I see this tee often on Instagram. The design is perfect in its simplicity, but it still makes a huge statement. 

    DCXV Clothing: $25.00

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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