10 Wardrobe Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Lbs. Thinner

Not too long ago, I made a comment about a TV segment that I appeared in, stating that the camera added 10 pounds a joke regarding my current pregnancy. Some people understood that I joking around about my bump and commented that it might actually be more weight! Others were very encouraging, told me that I looked beautiful, and that I shouldn’t worry. It was then that I realized just how sensitive a woman can get over 10 little pounds.

Looking (and feeling) good in my clothing is a priority for me regardless of my weight. After my first daughter was born, my clothes were not fitting right and I found myself developing a system and wearing certain items just to appear thinner in certain parts of my body. My clients feel the same way. They rarely care about the size. They care about how a garment actually fits.

As should you!

Here are my 10 personal wardrobe tips that will make you look 10 lbs. lighter:


  • 10 Tips for a Slimming Effect 1 of 11

    Sometimes, despite working hard at the gym or at home, we just cannot lose those 10 extra pounds. So don't stress over it, simply learn to hide them while you're dressing to look your absolute best. 

  • Camouflage With Pattern 2 of 11

    Have a little fun and try a printed dress. Sure, solid colors will lengthen your frame, but as long as the print is not large or overwhelming, the dress can, in fact, be slimming. The defined waist on this piece helps as well. 

    Dress available at Loft, $69.50

  • Utilize Tummy Control Undergarments 3 of 11

    These are a must-have for any woman. I practically lived in mine once my daughter was born and wore them for 2 years until I finally shed all the baby weight. 

    Control Cami, $16 | Control Brief, $38 both available at JCPenney

  • Carry a Larger Bag 4 of 11

    A larger handbag will help balance out a larger frame. Try something with a little structure and minimal slouch to keep the look clean and simple. 

    Bag available at, $49.99

  • Just Add Panels 5 of 11

    Garments with panelling give the illusion of a thinner frame up top, especially when they also have detailed color blocking.

    Dress available at The Limited, $89.95

  • Embrace the Classic Wrap Dress 6 of 11

    The wrap dress is one piece of clothing that fits and flatters any body shape, making it the perfect dress for someone looking to conceal a few extra pounds. 

    Dress available at Ann Taylor, $59.88

  • Peplum Tops 7 of 11

    Peplum tops help balance out a larger bust. Try a dark print instead of a solid for the same slimming effect with a little extra kick. 

    Top available at Forever21, $25

  • Show Off Your Waist 8 of 11

    Belt a dress or a longer blouse at the natural waist line, the smallest point of a woman's torso. It emphasizes your beautiful curves. Try a thin, flashy belt instead of a thick, bulky one. You can creative and glitzy with embellishments or bright pops of color too.

    Belt available at The Limited, $37

  • Accent With Color 9 of 11

    Sure black is slimming, but color is much more fun. Go for a solid, bright color like cobalt blue. This specific dress also has vertical seaming that elongates a woman's frame as opposed to widening it. 

    Dress available at Modcloth, $53

  • Make Sure You’re Wearing The Right Bra Size 10 of 11

    It is a fact that 8 out of 10 women are currently wearing the wrong bra size, which makes their clothing just as ill fitting. A well-fitted bra that lifts instantly gives the woman the illusion of weight loss up to (you guessed it) 10 lbs. Check out this how to video from Victoria's Secret for more info on a better bra fit.

    Bra available at Victoria Secret, $42.50-$58

  • Wear A-Line Skirts 11 of 11

    The flare at the bottom of the skirt draws attention away from a larger backside and helps balance out a woman's frame. 

    Dress available at Modcloth, $78

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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