10 Ways to Repurpose Vintage Rhinestone Earrings

Vintage costume jewelry is, by far, my favorite jewelry to collect and wear, especially vintage rhinestone pieces. Not only can you find hoards of them in all shapes and forms, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches at thrift shops, flea markets, Ebay, Etsy, AND your grandma’s closet. The pieces are usually relatively inexpensive to buy, but made beautifully. There was just something so fabulous about costume jewelry then that today’s replica’s can’t stand up to. They look real, they look expensive, and they’ve all got a pretty tarnish to them from age. They’re one-of-a-kind pieces, but if you’re not going to wear them as is, why not repurpose and upcycle them to add that extra something to brighten up a plain object, giving it a really unique vintage flair?

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    Flip through my ideas on how to repurpose and upcycle vintage rhinestone jewelry to brighten up plain objects, adding a unique look and vintage flair.

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    I found these large vintage clip-on rhinestone earrings on Ebay for under $5, but I'm 100% sure my local thrift shops have a nice little collection and yours would too. They're part stationary and part dangly, so their movement will be pretty on a number of different items and uses.



  • First Things First 3 of 16

    Before using them for new embellishments, we must remove the clips. Using small beading pliers, bend the clip on metal piece up, and using wire cutters, snip them off at the base.

  • Make a Pretty Headband 4 of 16

    What's great about rhinestones is the grid backround, meaning you can using a needle and thread to hand-stitch them onto something like a large stretchy headband for something fancy and unique!


    You can easily glue them onto metal hair barrettes as well!

  • Collar Tips 5 of 16

    With the needle and thread in hand, easily hand stitch your pretty rhinestones to the edge of your shirt collars for an entirely new shirt.

  • Turn Them Into Shoe Clips! 6 of 16

    You can easily find these shoe clip backings at your local craft or fabric shop or in bulk on ebay. Simply hot glue them to the backs of your earrings and...

  • New Shoes! 7 of 16

    Clip them on your shoes for an entirely new pair of unique shoes no one else has.

  • Clip Them Anywhere! 8 of 16

    Don't limit yourself to the toes of your shoes. Clipping them on the back makes for a pretty wedding shoe idea as well. The outer sides are a pretty option as well.

  • Turn Them Into Brooches 9 of 16

    Easily glue pin backings on the back to make pretty brooches and pin them anywhere!

  • Pin Your Bow 10 of 16

    Pin them close to each other for a large and elegant look. Wear them on your jacket lapel or even pinned onto a pretty ribbon and worn around your waist as a belt.

  • Pin Them Anywhere! 11 of 16

    It's easy to pin brooches onto stationary necklaces like this multi-strand pearl necklace, which adds an entirely new look to it.

  • Pretty Dazzling 12 of 16

    Pin them onto a head scarf for a fancy alternative.  Pair them with a funky plaid to bridge fancy with grunge and pull off a pretty punk look that's trending right now.

  • Make a Bracelet 13 of 16

    Simply hot glue them to an old cuff to create something special and new.

  • Stunning! 14 of 16

    See how I turned an ordinary silver cuff into a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece? So easy!

  • Embellish Your Bags 15 of 16

    By simply gluing them onto your clutches or handbags, you've taken your everyday clutch into an evening stunner.

  • Masquerade 16 of 16

    And since Halloween is right around the corner, why not attach them to the corners of a cheap Halloween mask to create something entirely new?


    But don't stop there, why not glue them onto your sunglasses frames or iPhone case for more fun.  I've offered more than ten uses here I'm sure, but I'm also positive there are 100 more - like Christmas tree ornaments, gift wrapping embellishments, the options are endless. What can YOU come up with?



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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