11 Halloween Costumes Fit for a Pretty Little Liar

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween special came and went, and like most episodes, this one left us hanging.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch last night’s episode, SHAME ON YOU for calling yourself a PLL fan. And stop reading. And be sure to tune into the encore episode of the Halloween special on October 29 at 6pm EDT.

Okay, now that I have my devoted fans with me … guys … ALI IS ALIVE. Sorry, I just needed to get that out of my system. Also, what’s going on with Ezra? Is it just me or did his creep-factor skyrocket? Is he the guy Ali is so afraid of? If so, why didn’t she try to get Aria to stop dating him sooner rather than later? And why did Hanna just leave Caleb in Ravenswood? And where the heck has Toby disappeared to? So many questions … so many weeks until the winter premiere on January 7.

If like me, you’re not ready for your PLL high to wear off just yet, why not work Ali and her favorite Liars into your Halloween costume? What’s easier than throwing on a black hoodie, black jeans, and black combat boots and declaring yourself part of the A Team?! Or if you’re looking to put in a little more effort, why not steal Aria’s Daisy Buchanan look or Alison’s Lady Gaga costume? See below for 11 awesome Halloween costumes fit for a pretty little liar.

And what about after Halloween? Well then I’ll be nursing my PLL hangover by watching Ravenswood every Tuesday at 8pm EDT on ABC Family. #CalebFTW

  • Hoodie "A" 1 of 11

    While it seems like everybody in Rosewood has played on the A-team (see: Mona, Toby, Spencer, and Lucas), nothing could have shocked/disgusted/saddened us more than the idea that our favorite teacher has been pulling the strings of the black hoodie crew the whole time. Tear.


    If you're ready to join Team Ezra this Halloween, snag this black getup — and don't leave home without your Jungle Red lipstick to terrorize your favorite "bitches."


    Get the look:

    1. Black men's hoodie from Walmart, $11

    2. NARS Jungle Red lipstick from Sephora, $26 

    3. Black combat boots from Steve Madden, $99.95 

    4. Black leather gloves from Target, $21.99 

    5. Black jeggings from American Eagle, $34.95

  • Red Coat “A” 2 of 11

    ... and by Red Coat "A", I mean ALI! (You'll have to excuse me, I'm still reeling from this reveal.) Dress up as your favorite ringleader with a simple red trench and hoodie, blonde wig, and black heels.


    Alternative idea: If you're a brunette, you can always rock your dark locks and go as Vivian Darkbloom instead. 


    Get the look:

    1. Via Spiga raincoat from Macy's, $169.99 ... this is the exact trench worn by the pretty little liars!

    2. Sun-kissed blonde wig from Party City, $24.99

    3. Red hoodie from American Apparel, $51

  • ’40s Hollywood Actress | Spencer Hastings 3 of 11

    Straight-A, overachieving Spencer doesn't half-ass anything, and the same goes for Halloween costumes. Channel your inner movie star with her glamorous '40s Hollywood actress costume.


    Warning: Be sure to steer clear of any zombie baby dolls.


    Get the look:

    1. Belted peplum dress from Boohoo, $50 

    2. Black satin gloves from Party City, $12.99 

    3. Michael Antonio Lovina platform sandal from DSW, $39.95

    4. Black hat with veil from Party City, $14.99 

  • Zombie Baby Doll Stalker 4 of 11

    Speaking of zombie baby dolls, here's a more terrifying idea for your Halloween garb. While I'm loving this brown cloak, any brown jacket decked out with black belts would work for this costume. Oh, and if you're really trying to commit to the look, scope out a person at your Halloween party to creepily stalk the entire time. Although, let's just hope you fare better than Garrett did ...


    Get the look:

    1. Long brown hooded cape from Etsy, $148 — the one pictured is sold out, but here's another option from Etsy for $125

    2. Creepy baby doll mask from Party City, $7.99

    3. Brown cotton gloves from Azure, $3.55

    4. Black leather belts from Target, $12.99 

    5. Brown lace-up boots from Steve Madden, $99.95 

  • Nurse Mona 5 of 11

    This is a super simple costume idea that you probably already have in your closet! While I love this white dress (and would totally wear it outside of Halloween), you could easily use any white button-down shirt tucked into a white skirt. Bonus points if you make a fake Radley Sanitarium badge with Mona's alias: Nurse Ali Dee.


    Get the look:

    1. Elm shirt dress from All Saints, $155 — the one pictured is sold out, but here's another option from ASOS for $26.70

    2. White nurse hat with button from Amazon, $10.99 

    3. White loafers from DSW, $34.95

  • Lady GaGa | Jenna Marshall 6 of 11

    We can blame Lady GaGa for the never-ending feud between Jenna and Ali. Well a Lady GaGa costume, that is. Who can forget the hatred we saw on Ali's face when Jenna showed up to Noel's Halloween bash in this revealing getup and then turned down Ali's offer to be her friend? Dead. Girl. Walking.


    If you're feeling especially daring this Halloween, a simple red leotard and headscarf will have you rocking Jenna's look in no time. 


    Get the look: 

    1. Red headscarf from Costume Craze, $7.67 

    2. Red leotard from Amazon, $19.16 

    3. Lady Gaga wig from Costume Craze, $15.37 

    4. Red heeled booties from Heels, $64.99 

  • Lady GaGa | Alison DiLaurentis 7 of 11

    ... or if you're all #TEAMALI4EVER, opt for this darker Lady GaGa costume instead!


    Get the look:

    1. Studded leather jacket from Forever 21, $39.80 

    2. Black leather skater dress from Forever 21, $27.80 

    3. Badgley Mischka black heeled booties from DSW, $299.95

    4. Lady Gaga wig from Costume Craze, $15.37 

    5. Black fingerless studded gloves from Windy City Novelties, $1.95

  • Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby | Aria Montgomery 8 of 11

    Don this costume ... if you dare. While any normal person would think a Great Gatsby-inspired Halloween costume is the furthest thing from scary, PLL fans know better. One look at this costume and all I see is Aria, trapped in a crate with dead Garrett. If that's not terrifying, I don't know what is.


    Get the look:

    1. Vintage green and silver flapper dress from Unique Vintage, $348 ... this is the exact dress worn by Aria! 

    2. Princess collar necklace from Topshop, $100

    3. Great Gatsby-inspired headband from Etsy, $42 

  • Britney Spears | Hanna Marin 9 of 11

    It's Hanna, bitch. Props to our favorite former-heavyweight who rocked a Britney Spears costume even when Ali implied she was too fat for it. 


    Get the look:

    1. Plaid skirt from ASOS, $35.60 — the one pictured is sold out, but here's another option from Urban Outfitters for $49

    2. White button-down shirt from GAP, $29.95 

    3. Grey cardigan from Topshop, $76

    4. Knee-high socks from Urban Outfitters, $14 

  • Post-Victorian Lady | The Liars 10 of 11

    Were you drooling over the girls' costumes in last night's episode? ME TOO. Stealing their look is as simple as pairing a plain satin gown with some Victorian-inspired accessories. (That feather capelet is amazing.) One tip from Hanna, though: Leave the corset at home.


    Get the look:

    1. Strapless peplum dress from JCPenney, $69.99

    2. Feather capelet from Topshop, $180

    3. Beaded waist belt from Etsy, $20

    4. Black lace gloves from bebe, $32 — the ones pictured are sold out, but here's another option from Ladies' Emporium for $8.95

    5. Handmade Victorian hat from John Lewis, $50

  • Barbarella | Emily Fields 11 of 11

    Obsessed with PLL and comics? Enter Emily dressed up as Barbarella. Nab the look with a simple leotard and cape, over-the-knee boots, and a silver toy gun. Bonus points if you nail down Emily's badass attitude. 


    Get the look:

    1. Nylon zipper bodysuit from American Apparel, $41 

    2. Studded faux leather waist belt from Forever 21, $8.80 — the one pictured is sold out, but here's another option from Topshop for $70

    3. Toy gun from Halloween Express, $17.99 

    4. Black cape from Party City, $14.99

    5. Guess over-the-knee boots from Zappos, $199 

Photo credits: Disney/ABC Family

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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