12 Creative Ways To Wear A Button-Up Blouse

When I was young, I never wore button down blouses because I felt like it made me look old and too professional (and as a 15-year-old, that was not exactly the look I was going for). Most likely, my one light purple, heavily starched option made that a true statement. But over the years, I’ve shed my dislike of collared button-up blouses and discovered how incredibly versatile they are.

Styled with a chambray button-up from Target and a gingham button-up from Forever 21, here are 12 creative ways to wear them.

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  • Unbuttoned 2 of 13

    An unbuttoned chambray over a breezy dress creates an effortless summer look.

  • Under a Dress 3 of 13

    In the past I've always worn a cardigan over sleeveless dresses. But recently I've loved layering a button up underneath instead. I also like that it doesn't cover up half of your dress, like a cardigan would.  

  • One-Sided Tuck 4 of 13

    The one-sided tuck is the style I do the very most. Lifting up the one side to expose the waistband of your pants helps define your waist and keeps the outfit from looking boxy when wearing a longer top. 

  • Tied Up 5 of 13

    Tie the ends of your button-up and layer it over a dress or a skirt for an easy summer outfit!

  • Layering Two Button-Up’s 6 of 13

    I love the way that layering these two tops creates a little pop of pattern at the neckline and wrists. Also, it's a safer way to pattern mix so your patterns don't get too overwhelming. 

  • Tucked into Jeans 7 of 13

    I almost never fully tuck a top into jeans because I feel like it's a more mature look, but doing it with youthful pieces and a bright belt keeps the look young and fun. 

  • Half Tucked 8 of 13

    A half tuck and a patterned belt is an easy way to elevate a simple button up and jeans outfit. 

  • Under a Sleeveless Top 9 of 13

    Take a solid sleeveless top and add some interest by throwing a patterned button-up underneath! Complete the look by adding a chunky necklace. 

  • Tucked Into A Skirt 10 of 13

    A button-up and a high waisted skirt go so well together. Add a shiny belt and some heels to complete the look and you suddenly have one of my favorite outfits. 

  • Under a Sweater 11 of 13

    This is the most classic version of layering a button up, and with a colorful sweater and a patterned button up, you really can't go wrong. 

  • Belted 12 of 13

    Add some structure to an unbuttoned shirt by adding a skinny belt. The belt will also help define your waist.

  • Under a Crop Top 13 of 13

    Crop tops are popping up everywhere these days, but if you're not interested in showing skin, throw a button up underneath for some casual layering. 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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