12 Fashion Choices We Love to Hate

I’ve been writing for’s style/design section for over three years now, and there are certain styles that consistently get people all riled up — sure to get readers to voice their opinions.

Either you love it or you hate it — and you’re probably willing to leave a passionate comment about your choice.

Here are the top 12 most controversial fashion choices you can make:

  • Top 12 Controversial Fashion Choices 1 of 14

    If you wear one of these fashion items, odds are someone is rolling their eyes...

  • #12: Chunky Shoes/Wedges 2 of 14

    Apparently men want you to stop wearing those chunky wedge shoes. According to a recent poll, they're the #1 most hated shoe by men — NUMBER ONE. (That's a little shocking to me, considering we live in a world where UGGs exist.)


    And although we happen to be going through a 90s revitalization (where chunky shoes were the norm), and although many women opt for the comfort of a wedge over heels (myself included!), clunkiness is always a debatable topic in fashion.


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  • #11: Neon 3 of 14

    After falling from the heights of the 80s/90s, neon is enjoying a few good years back on top — now a leading trend in not only fashion, but design in general. "A pop of neon" is very much in right now.


    But that doesn't mean it wasn't (and isn't) met with a fair amount of resistance and criticism. And that's probably because the neon haters are imagining shirts like this one from Urban Outfitters.


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  • #10: Rompers 4 of 14

    There are a lot of romper haters out there — probably because it takes a very specific body type to pull off. That, and it's the fashion choice of toddlers.


    Every time a romper or jumper is featured, the moans and groans are immediate. 


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  • #9: Peplum 5 of 14

    You either love peplum or you hate it. Some find the look to be matronly and too bulky around the waist, while others find it to be a super flattering and feminine silhouette. Tomato/tah-mah-to.


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  • #8: Jeggings 6 of 14

    Skinny jeans are controversial enough, but jeggings? Jeggings are fiercely mocked and defended. (To sidestep the much-hated "jeggings" term, a lot of stores are now calling them "stretch skinny jeans".)


    And let's not even get into the controversy that was Pajama Jeans.


    What about you? Are you Team Jeggings? (Let the record state: I totally am.)


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  • #7: Giant Sunglasses 7 of 14

    If you're walking down the street in giant paparazzi-hiding glasses, a portion of pedestrians are probably rolling their eyes as you pass. It's simply a fact.


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  • #6: Hipster Anything 8 of 14

    Just label it "hipster," and a segment of the population instinctively cringes.


    FYI: Urban Outfitters sells the more mainstream hipster trends.


  • #5: Yoga Pants (Beyond the Gym) 9 of 14

    Yoga pants are a hot button in the mom community, with a lot of new moms falling into the yoga pants trap. So much that style blogger Lauren Hartmann created a series called 101 Ways To Not Wear Yoga Pants.


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  • #4: Overalls 10 of 14

    Even though overalls are technically back in style, that doesn't mean everyone is on board. In fact, most of the response I've seen is more whhhaatttt?! than yesssss.


    How do you feel about overalls? 


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  • #3: Leggings (as pants) 11 of 14

    It's the most hated fashion trend of this generation, summed up in one mantra: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.


    And yet I see it over and over and over: Skin-tight leggings and cropped tops. Where do you stand on the controversy? 


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  • #2: Crocs 12 of 14

    If you're over the age of 15, people are hating on your Crocs. Hard.

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  • #1: UGG Boots 13 of 14

    But if there's one mega controversial fashion choice, it's gotta be the UGG. Hands down. 


    On the one side, there's the comfort and warmth. On the other, the OH MY GOD SO UGLY STOP WITH THE SEQUINS NOOOO.


    Go on, defend your stance. 


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  • What’s YOUR opinion? 14 of 14

    What are some of your least favorite modern fashions? 

    Of which of these controversial fashion choices are you a fan?


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