12 Head-Turning Dresses from ASOS

There are few things better than a really great dress. One that fits and flatters and doesn’t require too much thought. Something you can throw on with a couple pieces of jewelry and a pair of shoes, and feel perfectly styled. Something that turns heads.

As a firm believer in The Power of Dresses I tend to spend quite a bit of time doing some digital window-shopping. ASOS is one of my favorite dress shopping spots because they carry a great range of stuff (price- and style-wise). Plus, I love that you can sort by sleeve options and dress length (great for those of us who don’t love showing off our thighs in little mini dresses).

Here are 12 head-turning options available at ASOS right now:


  • Head-Turning Dresses 1 of 13
    Head Turning Dresses

    Click through for some gorgeous dresses!

  • Floral Body-Con 2 of 13
    Floral Body Con

    Seeing as I've had two children I'm generally pretty wary of anything labeled "body-conscious" but this one features a nicely distracting large floral print to camouflage lumps and bumps. Plus the colors are gorgeous.

    Find it at ASOS for $19.42 (on sale)

  • Lady in Red 3 of 13

    Fire-engine red and slit-to-there? This dress is the very definition of "head-turning."

    Find it at ASOS for $54

  • Flamingo Print 4 of 13
    Flamingo Print

    Nothing turns heads faster than a super cool print that makes you go, "Wait...were those...flamingos?!"

    Find it at ASOS for $41.35

  • Leather Accent 5 of 13
    Leather Accent Dress

    At first glance this dress is a run-of-the-mill office appropriate modest black dress. And THEN you notice the leather accents. Ka-chow.

    Find it at ASOS for $108.01

  • Pin-Up Polka Dots 6 of 13
    Pin-up Polka Dots

    I'm generally not a huge fan of polka dots (not sure why) but throw them on a pin-up worthy frock and I'm sold.

    Find it at ASOS for $75.94

  • Peplum 7 of 13

    This is a date-night dress masquerading as office-wear. It looks all bussiness-y and THEN you see the fold down bodice.

    Find it at ASOS for $64.13

  • Lace Tank 8 of 13
    Lace Tank

    White dresses are timelessly appealing. They're wonderfully versatile too and fit into your wardrobe during all seasons. (Winter whites, anyone?) I love that ASOS styled this one with boots!

    Find it at ASOS for $59.07

  • Lace Overlay 9 of 13
    Black lace

    This one also comes in white, and it's just as gorgeous.

    Find it at ASOS for $67.50

  • Embellished Shoulders 10 of 13
    Embellished Shoulders

    Some (me) would argue this is less "dress" and more "tunic that requires some leggings or skinny jeans underneath" but, either way, those embellished shoulders are gorgeous.

    Find it at ASOS for $75.94

  • Black and White 11 of 13
    Black and White

    Body-skimming with a fantastic black and white color-block. This dress is office AND date-night appropriate.

    Find it at ASOS for $59.07

  • Moto 12 of 13
    Moto dress

    I know, I know. This one is a little intense. I just have a weakness for all things moto-inspired and I would LOVE to wear this dress.

    Find it at ASOS for $75.94

  • Lace Embellishment 13 of 13
    Lace Embellish

    The lace embellishment here is genius. It's not only gorgeous but also creates the illusion of a serious hourglass figure.

    Find it at ASOS for $109.69

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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