12 Style Rules from Kelly Kapowski

If your original style icon was the one-and-only Kelly Kapowski (from Saved by the Bell), the ’90s-revenge clothing trend makes it that much easier to replicate her signature style.

Maybe you were too young to rock off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and bodycon skirts back then, but now you’re free to let your inner Kapowski shine. And it’s never been easier to get the look.

  • Fashion Advice from Kelly Kapowski 1 of 14

     With today's '90s-nostalgia trend, it's easy to replicate Kelly Kapowski's signature look.

    Here are her 12 basic style lessons to live and learn...


    Photo: Urban Outfitters shirt, $24

  • 1. ABCF: Always Be Clothed in Florals 2 of 14

    If there's one signature Kapowski style, it's definitely her endless wardrobe of florals — from pants to jackets to off-the-shoulder bodycon dresses. So much so that when the "tapestry floral" skinny-jean trend hit last year, I immediately thought, "KELLY KAPOWSKI!"

    ASOS, $26.16

  • All Types of FLORALS 3 of 14

    Go back and look at some of the old Saved by the Bell episodes. Guaranteed, a plethora of floral variety. 

    Forever21, $24.80

  • 2. Wear Crop Tops…in Floral 4 of 14

    Kelly certainly loves her crop tops — especially under a denim jacket or blazer. I can totally see her in this high-waisted floral skirt and matching top. Just add a scrunchy, some neon earrings, and white Ked shoes.

    Urban Outfitters, $60

  • 3. Wear Off-the-Shoulder Tops…in Floral 5 of 14

    An off-the-shoulder shirt — especially one with ruffles — is Kapowski approved.

    Urban Outfitters, $49

  • 4. Finish Outfit with a Denim Jacket 6 of 14

    ...especially in a light wash, with the collar popped.

    Forever21, $29.80

  • 5. …in Floral 7 of 14

    She totally would have rocked this, right? It has Kelly written all over it. 

    Forever21, $32.80

  • 6. Or a Blazer…in Floral 8 of 14

    Just add another layer of shoulder pads for some real Saved by the Bell authenticity. And maybe a crop-top underneath.

    Boohoo.com, $50

  • 7. Stock Up on Bodycon Skirts 9 of 14

    ...especially — you guessed it! — floral! 

    Beyond florals, the bodycon dress/skirt was certainly a top signature style for Ms. Kapowski.

    Forever21, $7.80

  • 8. And Denim Pencil Skirts 10 of 14

    ...typically paired with a tucked-in, oversized T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Or a floral bodysuit. Or a denim jacket...

    American Apparel, $54


  • 9. Lace Bustier + Suspenders 11 of 14

    No one can quite pull off the bustier + suspenders + high-waist jeans look like Kelly Kapowski. 

    Forever21, $10.80

  • 10. Back at Home: Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirts 12 of 14

    ...especially while sitting on your window seat, staring longingly outside for Zach or Jeff. 

    Etsy.com, $18.53

  • 11. Rock Your Uniform 13 of 14

    Even work is an excuse to look cute. Make sure your work uniform matches your style aesthetic — especially if your style aesthetic is belly shirts, bodycon skirts, and sneakers.

    Etsy.com, $14.99

  • 12. No Matter What, Every Outfit Needs White Keds 14 of 14

    ...without socks, of course. Never socks.

    Keds, $40

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