12 Stylish Women Show Off their Hats for National Hat Day

Does anyone else love those funny little non-holiday days that seem be set at random throughout the calendar year? Like International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 or Hug a Newsman Day on April 4th? I don’t know who comes up with these things but I think we’d get along. A few weeks ago I was looking at my January calendar and saw National Hat Day on January 15th (every time I type it out I accidentally type “National Hate Day.” Let’s hope that’s not a thing).

Obviously, National Hat Day requires a post about hats. Hats can be a bit of a challenge (I’m a mite afraid of them myself. I think my head is wrong shaped for hats?) so I asked these 12 stylish women to share pictures of how they love to wear their hats and to share their hat love, tips and stories in honor of National Hat Day.


  • Put a Lid On It 1 of 23
    12 Stylish Women Show Off their Hats for Naitional Hat Day
  • Try the Gardening Section 2 of 23
    Kayla Sunhat

    "I'm a freckled girl with a family history of skin cancer. I'm not nearly as good as I should be about hats and sunscreen but this one is my fav in the summer. I found it in the gardening section of Target, which just goes to show you that you shouldn't limit your search to the obvious places!"

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  • Merona Floppy Hat 3 of 23
    Merona Floppy Hat

    I can't find my gardening hat online (though I do still see it in the store sometimes!) but you can get the same look with this floppy straw hat.

    Target, $14.99 (on sale)

  • One Size Fits All 4 of 23

    "Simon HATES this hat. I love it. It was 3 dollars on Amazon and fits all three kids. And me (obviously)."

    Read more from Grace at Camp Patton

  • Amazon Hot Pink Long Beanie 5 of 23
    Amazon Hot Pink Long Beanie

    I love that this beanie is long enough to pull down well around your ears and still look a little slouchy.

    Amazon, $2.99

  • Hats are Dirty Hair’s Best Friend 6 of 23

    "Ever since I had kids I gravitate to hats more and more! Hats are a dirty hair's best friend, and lets be honest I am not washing my hair on the daily…so insert hat any hat here! I especially love fedoras, and oversized floppy hats for winter."

    Read more of Kelsey's writing at Pardon my French

  • Forever 21 Wide-Brimmed Fedora 7 of 23
    Forever 21 Sleek Wide Brimmed Fedora

    Keep a case of the greasies under cover with this fantastic fedora (also good for pretending you're Indiana Jones. Not that I do that...).

    Forever 21, $16.80

  • I Like Big Hats and I Cannot Lie 8 of 23
    RA's Big Floppy Hat

    "My husband's family goes on an annual trip to the beach, and I got it in my head that, this year, I needed a gigantic beach hat. I ordered one, and it came in an enormous box, and my husband claimed that I looked "kind of ridiculous" in it. However, I kind of LOVED it, so I asked Twitter for opinions, which all came back overwhelmingly in favor. So, I kept the hat, wore it every day on vacation, and enjoyed it so, so much. I love how light and floppy and foldable the hat is. It's so wide that my shoulders didn't get sunburned, and I didn't need to wear sunglasses when I read a book because the shadow was so broad. The only down side is that it can easily get blown away in a gale, so I safety-pinned a strip of fabric inside the brim to act as a neck strap. This summer, we are going on a cruise, and this hat is definitely coming along."

    Read more from RA at Definitely RA

  • Amazon San Diego Women’s Ultrabraid X Large Brim Hat 9 of 23
    Amazon San Diego Women's Ultrabraid X Large Brim Hat

    Get SERIOUS sun protection (and also a round of applause from me) when you wear this extra large floppy sun hat this summer!

    Amazon, $24.22 (on sale)

  • Just Do It! 10 of 23

    "I've always stayed away from hats because my hair was in a short bob for the first 20+ years of my life.  I looked pretty bald wearing any kind of hat, and just assumed that I must not be a "hat person."  Then, on a whim, I just bought a couple, and started wearing them.  Turns out, I'm a hat person after all, and the warmth they offer during the wintertime is invaluable."

    Read more from Nicole at Murrayed Life

  • Forever 21 Retro Wool Cloche Hat 11 of 23
    Forever 21 Retro Wool Cloche

    Add a little Gatsby glamor to your wardrobe (and keep your noggin warm!) with a retro-inspired cloche that Daisy would certainly approve of.

    Forever 21, $14.80

  • Fun in the Sun 12 of 23

    When you're super fair like my darling friend Sheena, a hat at the beach is a necessity!

    Find Sheena at Designs from Home

  • Fedora in Paradise 13 of 23
    Katie of Latte Love

    "I'm not a hat person and San Diego's weather doesn't merit wearing them most of the time. But on a cruise or at the beach I wear this $12 straw fedora from Target like it's going out of style!"

    Find Katie at Latte Love

  • ASOS Echo Ethnic Straw Fedora 14 of 23
    ASOS Echo Ethnic Straw Fedora Hat

    A straw fedora is the quintessential summer hat. Plus, this time of year you can usually find them at clearance prices!

    ASOS, $13.61 (on sale)

  • Casual Chic 15 of 23

    "I'm a big baseball cap fan - I love to wear them on weekends, especially when I'm out running errands. Typically, I wear my sports team hats (Go Dbacks!) with boyfriend jeans and a fitted long sleeve t-shirt. But this one, from JCrew is such a fancier take. I love pairing it with a sparkly sweater, some dark wash skinny jeans and a pair of mid-heels - still comfy, but totally chic!"

    Find Crystal at CCCLXV

  • J Crew Jeweled Baseball Cap 16 of 23
    JCrew Jeweled Baseball Cap

    Baseball caps are usually casual almost to the point of laziness. A nicer cap with fun details like embroidery, a leather brim or rhinestones are a fun take on the American classic.

    J Crew, $125

  • Go Dark 17 of 23

    "With the record making low temperatures here in the Midwest this winter, my extra fluffy and warm beanie is my go-to hat this January. This one has a slight bill on the front for some added character and I tend to stick with darker colors when it comes to head gear."

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  • Forever 21 Must-Have Skater Beanie 18 of 23
    Forever 21 Must Have Skater Beanie

    Several people mentioned in their emails to me that they have larger heads or tons of hair, which can make wearing hats difficult. A stretchy beanie fits all head sizes and a dark color helps minimize your noggin!

    Forever 21, $2.80

  • A Little Floral Goes a Long Way 19 of 23

    "I love how this hat helps accessorize an outfit, but also keeps my head really warm. It's also great to throw on when I'm having a blah hair day!"

    Read more from Lisa at Joie de Vivre

  • Etsy Bloomin’ Beanie 20 of 23
    Etsy Bloomin Beanie

    Etsy is swimming with crocheted hats with cute floral embellishments! It's a great way to get yourself a cute hat AND support small business owner.

    DS Designs Handmade, $30

  • Step It Up 21 of 23

    "I like hats because they step up a very, very basic outfit (my favorite kind) to something a little more put together. Perfect for a Saturday running errands and a BBQ with friends in warm weather."

    See more of Janssen at Everyday Reading

  • Beanie Love 22 of 23

    "I'm not really a hat person, but my best friend in 8th grade knitted this hat for me and I've used it every winter since! Fun fact: the girl who knitted this hat for me is now a designer for Tommy Hilfiger!"

    Read more from Dana at Something Good

  • Other Hats I Love 23 of 23
    Other hats I love

    1. High Voltage Baseball Cap, Forever 21, $10.80

    2. Leather Cap, ASOS, $43.56

    3. Modernist Military Cap, Forever 21, $8.80

    4. Esprit Pom Beanie, ASOS, $45.37

    5. Warehouse Riding Cap, ASOS, $36.30

    6. Jordan Felt Fedora, Piperlime, $65.99 (on sale)

    7. Leith Colorblock Beanie, Nordstrom, $24

    8. BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Earflap Cadet Hat, Amazon, $15.31 (on sale)


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