12 Ways To Add SPARKLE to Your Outfits

A couple of days ago I talked about Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear’s four elements to a balanced and amazing outfit: Color, Pattern, Texture and Shine. That post was about Color, so today let’s talk about Shine.

Shine doesn’t mean you have to wear glitter or sequins (although you definitely can!), it just means something with a little sheen to it, or something gold and shiny. It can be anything, small or big, depending on your comfort level.

Click through to see 12 ways I add a little sparkle (or shine) to my wardrobe:

  • 12 Ways to Add Shine To Your Outfits 1 of 13

    Click through to see how I add sparkle and shine to my outfits!

  • Glittery Shoes 2 of 13

    There are a lot of gorgeous sparkly shoes out there - silver, gold, glitter, shiny cap-toe, etc. Wearing these kinds of shoes adds a little pizazz at your feet. These glittery flats have been my go-to shoes for several years and the glitter is finally getting dull. But they're simple and chic, and add a bit of subtle sparkle to an outfit. 

  • Glitter Sandals 3 of 13

    During the summer, when it's hot and minimal jewelry is optimal, add some sparkle to your outfit with a pair of glittery sandals. There are so many out there, but these ones from Target are perfect with the mix of brown faux leather. 

  • Gold Hair Clip 4 of 13

    For a touch of sparkle up by your face, try a little shiny clip, like this cute bow clip from Forever 21. You could also wear it in front of a sock bun or at the base of your pony tail for a little feminine touch. 

  • Rhinestone headpiece 5 of 13

    A sparkly headband is a great piece that helps draw attention to your face and make a statement. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the headpiece do the talking.

  • Sparkly Necklace 6 of 13

    Jewelry is always my first thought when I want to add shine to an outfit. This chunky gold necklace is the perfect contrast to a casual jeans and tee look. 

  • Gold bracelets 7 of 13

    If you're not so into statement necklaces, try an arm full of shiny bracelets!

  • Silver Top 8 of 13

    If you're looking to make a big statement, try a shiny top. This silver woven sweater is definitely a statement piece, and creates a dramatic look. Also, remember that you can mix gold and silver because they're both neutrals! I've paired this silver sweater with a gold clutch and jewelry and they go together perfectly! 

  • Sequin Shoulders 9 of 13

    If you have a plain-jane sweater or top that needs a little pizazz, cut out two half-moon shapes from sequin fabric and sew them onto the shoulders of your shirt. And voila! A simple top jazzed up! 

  • Sequin Embellished Tee 10 of 13

    Sometimes sequins can be a bit much for everyday, but embellishing a graphic tee with sequins is fun, quirky, and adds a bit of sparkle. 

  • Sparkly Clutch 11 of 13

    For a non-committal sparkle, try a small sparkly clutch...

  • Sequin Bag 12 of 13

    ....or a gold sequin bag. If you're feeling too flashy, just set it down! 

  • Shiny Gold Belt 13 of 13

    A really easy way to add a bit of shine without being too flashy is a gold belt. I get a ton of use out of this one I bought at Kohls, and not only does it help define my waist, it completes the look and adds some sparkle. 

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