12 Ways to Style Your Rain Boots For Spring and Beyond

For Christmas I got a pair of Hunter rain boots. They’ve been on my list for a while, and within minutes of opening them I was already daydreaming of ways to style them. Then, when one of my friends mentioned how it’s a shame that there aren’t many opportunities to wear them here in Southern California, the wheels in my mind began turning even more. I mean, who decided I can only wear rain boots when it’s raining? No one that’s who. I guarantee no one will think twice if you wear rain boots on the sunniest day of the year. Personally, I plan on rocking them all year long, and so should you.

If you’re nervous about how to wear your rain boots on a normal day, or are trying to come up with some style ideas, I’ve got you covered!

Check out the 12 ways I styled mine, as well as 17 tips to keeping those outfits any-weather appropriate and balanced so your outfits aren’t bottom heavy!

  • 12 Ways to Style Your Rain Boots! 1 of 13

    Click through for 12 ways to style your rain boots, and 17 tips to keep those outfits looking balanced and fabulous!

  • With Jeans 2 of 13

    Jeans are obviously the easiest way to style your rain boots, since blue jeans are a neutral and a staple! And who can go wrong on a spring day with jeans, boots, and a cute and comfy sweatshirt?

    Tip #1: To avoid drawing too much attention to the clunky boots on your feet, keep your denim dark so your boots blend in a bit. 

    Tip #2: If you do wear light denim, or your rain boots are a bright color, balance it out with a top that draws attention, like this graphic sweatshirt. 

    Tip #3. Draw additional attention up toward your top half with a brightly colored bag. 

    sweatshirt: old navy // jeans: american eagle

  • With Colored Denim 3 of 13

    Tip #4. If your boots are dark and neutral (like mine), brightly colored jeans are fair game. If your boots are bright, stick to darker colored denim (like plum or burgundy). 

    Tip #5. If you have bright colors on your bottom half (whether it's your boots or your pants), stick with a neutral top that still draws some visual interest, like my raglan sweatshirt with a shimmery front. 

    top: diy // pants: anthropologie

  • With Patterned Denim 4 of 13

    As long as your boots are neutral-ish, patterned denim is fair game.

    Tip #6. Since my boots are black, I opted for a pair of pants with a larger pattern. If your boots already have a pattern, or are brightly colored, stick with a smaller pattern like mini polka dots. 

    Tip #7. Against the patterned denim, the boots can make your outfit a bit bottom heavy, so balance it out with an eye-catching top, like this black and white wide-stripe sweater. 

    sweater: c/o sheinside // pants: c/o windsor

  • With Socks or Leg Warmers 5 of 13

    Layers are always fun, and a great way to keep you warm on those bone-chilling rainy days! 

    Tip #8: Be careful with leg warmers since they will hit you right at your knee and can create weird lines on your legs that make them look stumpy. Opt for more neutral colors like black, navy, olive green, or gray, and only let a few inches of them show. 

    sweater: kohls // leg warmers: diy from old sweater

  • Monochromatic 6 of 13

    I love a good monochromatic look, and creating one with your rain boots is sure to be a success!

    Tip #9: When creating monochromatic looks, texture and a little bit of pattern are often essential. I added a bit of white pattern in my cardigan, a peek of faux leather from my top, and of course the gloss from my rain boots. It keeps a simple outfit interesting!

    sweater: c/o kiki la'rue // top: c/o lulu*s // jeans: h&m 

  • With a Dress 7 of 13

    Dresses and rain boots make such a fun combination, I think!

    Tip #10: Try a dress with some pattern or a bright color to help balance out a clunky pair of boots.

    Tip #11: Avoid dressed that are very fitted; rather, choose one with a bit of fullness to balance out the chunky boots. 

    dress: c/o junie blake

  • With a LBD 8 of 13

    Who says you have to wear heels with your Little Black Dress??

    Tip #12: The boots will definitely casualize the dress, so keep your accessories a bit more casual as well! 

    dress: target

  • With Tights 9 of 13

    Try those rain boots with tights! 

    Tip #13: Try any color tights, as long as they go with the color or pattern of your boots!

    Tip #14: To balance out the color of the tights, add a chunky necklace to draw attention up toward your face! 

    Tip #15: If your dress is a fit and flare style (like mine), throw on a jacket to add a bit of bulk on top to balance out the chunky boots. 

    dress: old navy // jacket: c/o choies // tights: c/o we love colors 

  • With a Tunic and Leggings 10 of 13

    For me, a tunic and leggings are the ultimate in comfort clothes. Try them with your rain boots in the spring and fall! 

    Tunic: c/o single thread boutique // leggings: forever 21

  • With an A-Line Skirt 11 of 13

    An A-line skirt is universally flattering, and although I don't think I'd ever worn it with boots, I think this look is my very favorite of all twelve! 

    Tip #16: Wear a fitted top, tucked into your a-line skirt. The flare of the skirt will balance out the clunkiness of the boots. I wore a fitted black turtleneck, which matched the boots and made the fun skirt the center of attention!

    skirt: target // turtleneck: kohls

  • With a Pencil Skirt 12 of 13

    Even fitted pencil skirts can look great with a pair of clunky rain boots! 

    Tip #17: Try a pencil skirt and top combo that draws the eye up toward your top half, like this bold pattern mixing combination. It will help draw attention away from the big boots. 

    skirt: target // tee: forever 21

  • With a Maxi Skirt 13 of 13

    Even a maxi skirt can be worn with your rain boots (although probably not for really rainy days since you don't want your hemline to get soaked!)

    skirt: c/o leanne barlow // chambray: target 


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