13 Fashion Investments That Are Totally Worth Your Money

When it comes to shopping, I’m a budget-friendly type of girl. Cocktail dresses? T-shirts? Leggings? Hats? I see no need to go beyond H&M, Forever 21, and Target.

But one lesson I’ve learned through building my Big Girl wardrobe is that some items are worth the splurge. Because at the end of the day, it’s like an investment.

Now hold it right there, lady. Clothes are not an investment! There’s no capital appreciation!

And to that I’d say this: When it comes to fashion investments, I’d rather spend $120 on a pair of jeans that’ll last forever and actually hold their shape, rather than spend $30 every year on a new pair of so-so jeans that get stretched out or shrunk within the season. So yes! Investment!

Here are 13 fashion items worth your money:

  • Where to Splurge? Where to Save? 1 of 14

    Here are 13 smart fashion buys that might be worth spending a little more on...

  • Denim 2 of 14

    Not only does quality denim fit and look better (the fit alone makes it worth the extra bucks), but it'll hold its shape (meaning less washing!) and last way longer than ordinary $30 jeans. 

    If there's one place to spend your shopping money, it might be on denim. And while there are plenty of splurge-worthy designer denim brands out there, I'm partial to Madewell's in-house denim.

    Madewell, $115+

  • Cashmere 3 of 14

    You might scoff at the thought of buying real cashmere ("Puh-leeze that's for the rich folk"), but I promise you it's worth your money. Not only is it soft, cozy, and wrinkle-resistant — and not only will it go with practically everything in your wardrobe — but it's SO WARM OH MY GOSH. 

    It's a purchase you won't regret.

    J.Crew, $188



  • Leather Jacket 4 of 14

    While there are plenty of stylish faux leather jackets out there right now, there's something about owning a REAL LEATHER JACKET that's bucket-list worthy. The smell, the feel, the unmistakable luxury. 

    Maybe not this year, and maybe not next, but one day I'll own my very own leather jacket. 

    Madewell, $555


  • A Good Quality Bra 5 of 14

    ...and a quality bra fitting, I might add.

    Because we're not 19 years old anymore.

    Victoria's Secret, $48 - $62


  • Everyday Boots 6 of 14

    If you're like me and consider September through March BOOT SEASON, it might be worth investing in a quality pair that won't break down by next season. A quality pair that you can wear every single day and still feel like a million bucks. And Frye boots are known for their quality and style, making them a very desirable investment purchase.

    Piperlime, $280



  • Sensible Shoes 7 of 14

    Besides boots, the value of high-quality, wear-with-everything, practical shoes is unmatched. Tieks, for example, are highly coveted flats that will last the long-haul and come in a variety of colors. But they also fold up flat to stick in your purse! Totally worth your money.

    Tieks, $175


  • A Professional Dress 8 of 14

    Don't underestimate the importance of a professional-looking dress, because you never know when a job interview, work meeting, or school event will pop up. It's worth spending a little more on something that looks polished, clean, and professional for that all-too-important first impression.

    Modcloth, $104.99


  • A Well-Fitting Blazer 9 of 14

    Along the same lines, a quality slim-fit blazer is a powerful piece — adding professionalism, authority, and (of course) style to any outfit, whether it's jeans or a pencil skirt. There are plenty of ill-fitting, cheap-looking blazers in department stores, so look around for the perfect one. 

    And if it's a smidge out of your price range? Know that it's definitely worth the money.

    J.Crew, $198


  • Good Coat 10 of 14

    Invest in a quality coat that'll last more than two seasons. It's worth it for the warmth alone.

    (Check out the 5 coats every woman needs in her closet!)

    Madewell, $298


  • Menswear-Inspired Watch 11 of 14

    Worth it.

    Piperlime, $275


  • Well-Fitting Black Pants 12 of 14

    Without a doubt, a pair of well-fitting black pants is a wardrobe staple. Don't skimp for the cheap, thin, shiny alternatives. Find the pair that boosts your confidence and will pair will anything — from work attire to weekend errands. 

    J.Crew, $89.50


  • Shapewear 13 of 14

    Sometimes what you wear under you clothes is more important than the clothes themselves. Spanx might be expensive, but there's a reason the world is obsessed. 

    SPANX, $98+


  • A Quality Handbag 14 of 14

    Splurging on a quality handbag might seem frivolous, but it's incredible how quickly things like a bag (or shoes or a coat) can polish an outfit and pull everything together.

    When looking for an investment piece, make sure it's a neutral color (or can at least be matched with virtually anything), a medium size (not too big, not too small), and has the versatility you need. This Michael Kors bag is a stunner, but it's practical to boot.

    Nordstrom, $298


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