13 Geeky Accessories From My Favorite Fandoms

The older I get, the more unabashedly geeky I become. As far as my husband and I are concerned, a weekend well spent is one in which we eat a ton of junk food and watch the extended versions of all the Lord of the Rings movies (now with more Hobbit!!). I am deeply in love with the tenth Doctor (and HIS HAIR). My reverence for Harry Potter is borderline religious. I know a LOT about Star Wars.

As you might imagine, the Geek section of Pinterest is one of my favorite places to waste time. It’s full of wonderfully geeky accessories, clothing, memes, fan art, and whatever else you could imagine. I’ve rounded up 13 geeky accessories from some of my favorite fandoms that I found on Pinterest and Etsy. Just because they make me happy.


  • Get Your Geek On 1 of 14
    Geeky Accessories

    Did I include your fav fandom?

  • Come If Convenient 2 of 14
    221B Phone Case

    Whether you're a longtime fan of A. Conan Doyle's fantastic books or recently hooked by Benedict Cumberbatch's amazing cheekbones (thank you, BBC!), these iPhone cases are perfect for Sherlock fans!

    Etsy, $6.99

  • I AM… 3 of 14
    Sherlocked Mug

    The infamous phone code from A Scandal in Belgravia. You and the rest of us, Irene!

    Etsy, $10.50

  • Middle Earth Bow Tie 4 of 14
    Middle Earth Bow Tie

    This is pretty darn geeky. But I would totally wear it. While eating second breakfast.

    Etsy, $20

  • Not All Who Wander Bracelet 5 of 14
    Wander Bracelet

    This pretty cuff features one of the most beloved lines from Tolkien's work:

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    That guy had a way with words, I tell you.

    Etsy, $18

  • These Are the Shoes You’re Looking For 6 of 14
    Droid Shoes

    Proof that other people are WAY more talented than I am.

    Etsy, $40

  • What do Storm Troopers Wear Under Their Suits? 7 of 14
    Storm Trooper Underwear

    Probably this.

    Etsy, $11.25

  • Snitches Get…Necklaces 8 of 14
    Snitch Necklace

    It opens at the close AND tells you the time!

    Amazon, $4.20

  • Glasses and Scar Ring 9 of 14
    HP Ring

    I've seen cute little glasses rings around BUT add a lightning-shaped scar? GIMME.

    Etsy, $16.80

  • Apple of My Ood 10 of 14
    Apple Ood

    I find the Oods exceptionally creepy. So, obviously, I kind of need this.

    Etsy, $13

  • Time Lord and Companion 11 of 14
    Time Lord and Companion Keychains

    It's my DREAM to get my husband to dress up as 10 for Halloween (I'd be Rose, obviously). That will never happen though because he's seen 5 minutes of Doctor Who and has decided it is too weird for him. Maybe I could get him to carry around a Time Lord keychain instead? It's kind of the same thing, right?

    Etsy, $19.95

  • Shiny! 12 of 14
    Serenity Pendant

    Of all the dystopian westerns set in space, Firefly was my favorite. (But seriously. 10 years later we are STILL in deep mourning over this one). With this pretty pendant, you can wear your love for Serenity close to your heart.

    Etsy, $15

  • Jayne’s Hat 13 of 14
    Jaynes Hat

    People who know will probably high-five you over your excellent taste in hats. People who live sad, Firefly-less lives will wonder about your taste in headwear.

    Etsy, $16.67

  • She Turned Me Into a Newt! 14 of 14
    Monty Python Bracelet

    I first saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail at age 14 and it was the most gloriously weird thing I had ever seen in my whole life. For my birthday the next year, my best friend gave me an entire Holy Grail-themed gift, complete with coconut halves that made the most perfect horse hoof noise. At a glance, this just looks like a pretty charm bracelet. Upon closer inspection, however, it pretty much sums up my teenage years.

    Etsy, $14.99

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