14 Clever Halloween Decorations to Dress up Your Car

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As a little girl, I played dress-up almost constantly. My sister and I lived in our old Halloween costumes and dress-up clothes! As an adult I seem to have lost the inclination for wearing tutus out in public for most of the year, but Halloween is a different story. Socially acceptable dress-up time for everyone! INCLUDING my car.

Our neighborhood does a super fun trunk-or-treat for Halloween every year. My boys are still pretty little so it’s the perfect way for them to get their trick-or-treating fix: safe, short, and not too far for their little legs to walk the whole way! They get plenty of candy in one trip around the parking lot and I get to admire everyone’s Halloween decorations and creative cars.

If you’re looking for some great ways to get some Halloween decorations on your car this year check out these awesome ideas from around the web!

  • Trick or Treat! 1 of 15
    Clever Halloween Decorations for Your Car

    Click through for some great Halloween inspiration for your car!

  • Dart Board 2 of 15
    Design Mom Dart Board

    In 2007 Gabby of Design Mom decorated their car with this fantastic magnetic dart board! They had five different baskets of candy and trunk-or-treaters got candy rewards based on where their darts landed.

    To get the instructions, visit Design Mom.

  • Spiderwebs 3 of 15
    Spiderweb Car

    Cheap spiderwebbing and a few giant spiders make for a super creepy car costume!

  • Creepy Truck Bed 4 of 15
    Truck Bed Graveyard

    Truck beds leave lots of room for creativity! Check out this awesome tableau featuring lots of leaves, spiderwebs, oversized spiders, and bones. Spooky!

    Photo credit: Nina (with thanks to her husband Jared for doing all the hard work!)

  • Narnia 5 of 15
    Narnia Trunk

    Your car's costume doesn't necessarily have to be scary! Check out this amazing Narnia-themed scene complete with White Witch!

    Photo credit: Instagram user @JsCastelo12

  • Pirate Ship Van 6 of 15
    Pirate Van

    This family built a pirate ship onto their minivan. This makes all my Halloween plans seem very small and silly.

    Photo credit: Janssen

  • Welcome to Hogwarts 7 of 15
    Hogwarts Car

    A Hogwarts themed car! Complete with sorting hat!

    Photo credit: Instagram user @Katemantia

  • Skeletons and Cobwebs 8 of 15
    Skeleton Trunk

    A "dollar store" is a great place to stop for skeletons, cauldrons, webbing, and other spooky items!

    Photo credit: Instagram user @Sunlvr021

  • Tea Lights and Headstones 9 of 15
    Tealights and Headstones

    Battery operated tea lights and light-up headstones make for great (and easy!) car decor. Even better if your license plate already has BAT in it!

  • Just Add Baby 10 of 15
    Super Baby

    When you've got a cute baby with an awesome Clark Kent/Super Baby costume, you don't need much more in the way of decorations! Plus, it's a great perch for your baby to "help" with trunk-or-treaters.

    Photo credit: Nicole Murray

  • Who You Gonna Call? 11 of 15

    This guy takes his trunk-or-treating seriously! The results are absolutely fantastic.

    Get the tutorial at Instructables

  • Yo Ho! 12 of 15
    Pirate Trunk

    That pirate ship is SO fantastic. Plus, the hay bale gives you somewhere to rest your weary booted pirate feet while handing out candy!

    Photo credit (and instructions!): Dwan Perrin

  • Say "Ahhh" 13 of 15
    Mouth Trunk

    An open trunk makes a perfect "mouth"! Use styrofoam or cardboard for sturdy teeth that can stand up to curious little hands.

    Photo credit: Trunk or Treat, © 2008 Smoooochie, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 14 of 15
    Alice in Wonderland Trunk

    This trippy trunk came complete with a game called "Off With His Head!"

    Visit Uyema Family Matters to see more details!

  • Dun Dun… 15 of 15
    Shark Attack Trunk

    According to Tom, "The kids had to reach into the shark's mouth to grab candy and we had the theme from "Jaws" blasting on the car stereo to amuse the adults!" Genius.

    Photo credit: Instagram user @Tomjcfa

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