15 Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets for Stylish BFFs

The DIY friendship bracelets from our summer camp past are making their way to grown-up arm parties — but they’ve had quite a makeover.

Which is a good thing, because you and your BFF aren’t exactly sporting the same styles as back in the middle school cafeteria. Luckily, the friendship bracelet has evolved as well.

From woven chains to sparkly rhinestones, here are 15 handmade friendship bracelets that’ll remind your bestie why you’ve stayed tight throughout the decades.

  • Friendship Bracelets for your Grown-Up BFF 1 of 16

    Friendship bracelets aren't just for summer camp and '90s nostalgia. There are actually some stunning, modern twists on the classic "friendship bracelet" — all handmade on Etsy.

  • Chevron Braided Modern Friendship Bracelet 2 of 16

    Vibrant threads (in pinks and peach) are braided with metal chain for a modern and grown-up version of a friendship bracelet., $13


  • Limited Edition My Little Pony Tails Collection 3 of 16

    HelloZee has a variety of thread-and-metal friendship bracelets — but I'm especially partial to the My Little Pony collection for a multi-layered throwback to childhood., $14


  • OOAK Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet 4 of 16

    If your BFF has evolved from chocolate milk to champagne taste — and if she's a really, really, really good friend — maybe you'd consider getting her a blinged-out version of the friendship bracelet. They're even lined in pink suede!, $69.99


  • Fishbone Chain Friendship Bracelet 5 of 16

    The ordinary friendship bracelet is elevated with a chain closure, snazzy tassel, and fishbone charm., $21.50


  • Crystal Quartz Friendship Bracelet 6 of 16

    The Crystal Quartz is said to have powerful energy, balancing the body, removing depression, stimulating circulation, and strengthening the heart. Does it work? Who knows. But it's a lovely thought for your best friend, don't you think?, $15.90


  • Ombre Crystal Twister Designer Friendship Bracelet 7 of 16

    A grown-up and glam take on the friendship bracelets of yore — made with thread, chain, and Swarovski Crystals., $65


  • Neon Fantasy Island Designer Friendship Bracelet 8 of 16

    Here's another "designer" friendship bracelet — perfect for stacking and layering., $35


  • Mini-Spike Chevron Friendship Bracelet 9 of 16

    For a friendship with some edge., $8


  • Studded Friendship Bracelet 10 of 16

    Not into the spikes? Opt for a studded friendship bracelet for your trendsetting BFFaE., $12


  • Arrowhead Handmade Friendship Bracelets 11 of 16

    The crystals, spikes, and rhinestones can distract from the intricate and incredible craftsmanship of an ordinary friendship bracelet. (I don't know about you, but my summer camp skill level never quite reached these heights.), $7.75


  • Handmade Heart Friendship Bracelet 12 of 16

    For your nostalgic bestie., $9


  • Tribal Wisdom Friendship Bracelet 13 of 16

    The modern friendship bracelets from this Etsy shop are nothing short of exquisite., $40


  • Double Daisy Beaded and Woven Friendship Bracelet 14 of 16

     Now aren't these gorgeous? Double wrap bracelets with tiny gold daisy beads and studded woven threads., $30


  • Friendship Bracelet in Beautiful Neon Colors 15 of 16

    I guarantee you've never seen a friendship bracelet like these — made with knotted wool and a gold-plated chain., $55.60


  • Personalized Name Bracelet 16 of 16

    Or opt for a personalized friendship bracelet (with a name or word of your choice) — available in either Macrame or Georgia font., $15


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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