15 Perfect Betty Draper Dresses for Halloween

Betty Draper (Francis) is often seen in a number of different dresses and gowns from the late ’50s and the early ’60s in a variety of prints and colors. Her cocktail dresses are often brightly colored and/or in rich satin brocades with overcoats to match. But she is also seen in tons of cute floral, print, garden day dresses and shirt dresses with a classic 1950s circle skirt, topped with a cute beaded cardigan to complete the look. As the years pass in the Mad Men universe, Betty opts for dresses with a ’60s silhouette in shift dresses and empire waists vs. a true waist and circle skirt with a crinoline. Either look will work well as a Halloween costume as long as you match your accessories and hair and makeup to the era.

Looking for the perfect Betty Draper dress can be daunting though, as many thrift and vintage shops have already been plucked of all the good ones and/or have sky-high prices, but Etsy has over 500 pages of dresses from the ’50s and ’60s to choose from, and though they can get expensive, some are quite gorgeous!

  • 15 Dresses Betty Draper Would Wear 1 of 18

    Find all the inspiration you need for your Betty Draper Halloween costume here, including 15 vintage party dresses & accessories to complete the look!

  • Vintage 1950s Pink Party Dress 2 of 18

    A gorgeous vintage 1950s hot pink party dress in nylon chiffon with an overlay of taffeta and sheer chiffon panels that drape over the back of each shoulder. This full yet flowy skirt with tulle petticoat for added fullness is the perfect Betty Draper dress for any Mad Men inspired party or Halloween costume.  Add rhinestones or pearls for jewelry and maybe even a brooch off-centered at the waist.


    Vintage 1950s Pink Party Dress $118 at Etsy

  • ’60s Ivory Brocade Dress 3 of 18



    A stunning vintage '60s Ivory Brocade Dress (Skirt Suit) in a heavy ivory and gold floral brocade with peach accents in the flowers. It's mighty pricey for a costume, but I'd wear it to a modern day event just as well.  I couldn't not include it! It's Betty perfection!



    '60s Ivory Brocade Dress $425 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1950s Plaid Westchester Dress 4 of 18

    Betty has been seen in plaid shirt dresses more than once in Mad Men episodes and this vintage 1950s plaid dress with a wallpaper waist, princess seaming, full-pleated skirt, and birds' eye cotton collar and cuffs and a bow just below the neckline is a fabulous option.


    Vintage 1950s Plaid Westchester Dress $154 at Etsy

  • ’60s Mod A-line Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress 5 of 18

    The perfect black lace taffeta little black dress for an evening cocktail party in the '60s, this dress reminds me of the episode where Don and Betty are in Paris!  And since shift dresses are trending again, pair this with fun tights and a coat and you can wear this now.


    '60s Mod A-line Sleeveless Lace Shift Dress $74

  • Vintage 1950s Floral Day Dress 6 of 18

    Just an adorable '50s floral day dress by Bobbie Brooks in a big and bold green and blue flower print and bow tie at the neckline. Pair this dress with a cute blue or green cardigan and matching pumps and a handbag and you're Betty ready!


    Vintage '50s Floral Day Dress $70 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1960s Black Sequin Wiggle Dress 7 of 18

    Vintage 1960s wiggle dress in black with intricate sequin detailing at the bodice and a dramatic satin bow at the waistline is an easy option. Pair it with metallic accessories to complete the look.


    Vintage 1960s Black Sequin Wwiggle Dress $124 at Etsy

  • Mad for Plaid Vintage 1950s Full Skirt Dress 8 of 18

    This Mad for Plaid vintage 1950s full skirt dress in charcoal grey and burgundy is near perfection! Labeled Nantucket Naturals Debutante Saks Fifth Avenue Shop, Betty would totally approve!


    Mad for Plaid Vintage 1950s Full Skirt Dress $68 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1960s Silk Dress with Rhinestones 9 of 18

    Nothing screams the '60s like a silvery-blue fabric encrusted with sequins and rhinestones and I just adore this dress. I'm convinced it looks even better in person as well. I'd wear it for my Betty Draper costume with silvery stockings and shoes and a big updo with single ball drop earrings and then hem it up into a shorter dress or even top to wear with jeans for everyday.


    Vintage 1960s silk dress with rhinestones $149.41 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1950s Lace Wiggle Dress 10 of 18

    This vintage 1950s wiggle dress in black with a beaded lace bodice is a typical Betty evening dress.


    Vintage 1950s Lace Wiggle Dress $164

  • Vintage 1960s Dress / Green floral Print 11 of 18

    A classic silhouette and wonderful green floral print, I just love the print and color on this dress. This is a perfect day dress for a garden party and I'd pair it with a light colored cardigan and shoes to match.


    Vintage 1960s Dress / Green floral print $85.30

  • 1950s Ivory Brocade Circle Skirt Dress 12 of 18

    This 1950s Ivory Brocade Circle Skirt Dress with Crinoline was made for Betty Draper.  It would really pop if paired with brightly colored accessories.


    1950s Ivory Brocade Circle Skirt Dress with Crinoline $115 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1960s Sheer Black and Gold Sequins Mod Party Dress 13 of 18

    What an oh-so-perfect example of mod bohemian glamour this dress is! Sophisticated in black chiffon and velvet and luxe with its burnished gold sequins and billowing sleeves, this dress is a perfect pairing of styles and would look stunning paired with some glimmering flats or towering heels and tights, and would be perfect to wear as Betty Draper and now, for evening of course.


    Vintage 1960s Sheer Black and Gold Sequins Mod Party Dress $224 at Etsy

  • Vintage 1950s Cocktail Party Dress 14 of 18

    This beautifully constructed 1950s dress is created in a shimmery water color print silk. It reads a bit "Joan," but I think Betty would still approve!


    Vintage 1950s Cocktail Party Dress $149 at Etsy

  • 1960s Pink Chiffon Dress 15 of 18

    A fun 1960s pink chiffon floor-length dress, this is a classic 1960s silhouette complete with embroidered flowers at the waist of the bodice and a chiffon train down the back.


    The price is Halloween-perfect!


    1960s Pink Chiffon Dress $37.40

  • 1950s Floral Silk Cocktail Dress 16 of 18

    Another vintage late 1950s dress that is a stunner!  It needs only a strand of pearls to Betty it up.


    1950s Floral Silk Cocktail Dress $178 at Etsy

  • DIY Your Own! 17 of 18

    If you can't find the perfect dress, but you have the pro-skills, why not just make your own Betty Draper dress! There are plenty of vintage sewing patterns from the '50s and '60s available on Etsy and Ebay, like these two above.


    Vogue 9058 has sleek sophisticated vintage dress sewing pattern from the 1950s (1956-1957), Vogue 9058, 1950's Sleek Sophisticated Dress Sewing Pattern $16.50


    Vogue 9482, 1950s vintage shirtdress sewing pattern, shirt dress Vogue 9482, 1950s vintage shirtdress sewing pattern $7.50

  • Accessories 18 of 18

    Betty's accessories are that of an upper class woman of the era. She wears pearls, diamonds, and rhinestone bedazzled costume jewelry accompanied by leather day bags, and bejeweled clutches for evening. She's often seen with little white gloves on for day and long satin gloves with her cocktail dresses.


    Vintage Big Faux Pearl & Diamond Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings $11 at Etsy

    Charming Cecilia Cream Clutch -repurposed vintage purse $35 at Etsy

    Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses $32.50 at Etsy

    1950s Vintage Wedding White Short Gloves $13 at Etsy


    Cigarette, optional.

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