15 Style Gear Must-Haves for a City Girl This Fall & Winter too!

I am a city girl. In heart, in history, just all around. You’ll usually find me rolling my eyes at my tropic-like friends running for the hills. I love it, I live in it. Fall and winter thrills me. And in choosing to be confined to falling leaves, night chills, and straight snow fall, hail, black ice, and all that super fancy stuff, I’ve become really good at this style gear stuff. Mostly preparing and weeding my way through what I need, and what I pretend I need just ‘cuz it’s so dang cute!

If you’re sticking around for all the pretty, messy, and sometimes cool stuff that happens in the city in this chilly season/upcoming straight cold season, then here are 15 Style gear must-haves for you this fall..and winter too!

Your warm, and slightly more comfortable self can thank me later.

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    15style gear must haves

    If you couldn't tell yet, I am thoroughly obsessed with fall and winter. And I must say, I think I've mastered this style gear thing. So click through the slideshow to see what 15 items I believe  you MUST have for fall and winter. 

  • Wide brimmed hat! 2 of 15

    Let's start from the top shall we? Yes. So a wide brimmed hat is not only chic (bohemian in this color, rocker in black), but it is most definitely useful. For those rainy days, when pushing a stroller and holding an umbrella seems impossible, or you've just forgotten the umbrella, your hat will come in handy. It will block your face from rain and snow. Winner. 


    Available at H&M for 17.95

  • Beanie-ish hat 3 of 15

    The great thing about beanies nowadays is that they come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and animals. 😉 I love a classic beanie like everyone else, but something about cat ears and cat-like textures on a hat alway gets me. And it looks like this hat will actually cover your ears. So no more numb ears for us!


    Available at H&M for $9.95

  • Backpack 4 of 15

    Backpacking around the city is the easiest way to go. It honestly doesn't matter if it's sunny out or gloomy and cold out. They are even more crucial if you have kiddos. Throw a few bottles in there, a change of clothes, books, toys, the whole shabang! And this Kanken backpack comes in mini size too! So go ahead and be all matchy matchy. 

    Available at J.Crew for $75.00

  • Another backpack! 5 of 15

    Another great backpack choice. Totally different. You can even wear it to the office. 

    Available at Asos for $67.50

  • Dark skinny jeans 6 of 15

    I'm not sure if everyone realizes how important a dark skinny jean is until they are home staring at their closet and it's 30 degrees outside. Where is your skinny jean? In the winter, my skinnies get a good run a couple of times a week. You need them when wearing boots, and they are perfect for when you are calf-deep in snow, and when you are wearing a black-not-so-cute coat. All of a sudden you become fancy with a pair of dark denims. 

    Available at Levi's for $98.00

  • Tights 7 of 15

    Under those skinnies let's hope you have a pair of these on! They also go great with skirts and snow boots. They come in a variety of colors, and can take a drab cold day outfit to gorgeous fun in a minute. 

     Get yours at H&M for $9.95

  • Cape coat 8 of 15

    I could probably write a good book on my cape coat. It's seen its fair share of things in the city. From a pregnancy, to baby wearing, to me just by myself, a cape coat is perfect for all the ups and downs fall and winter in the city has to offer. 

    Available at Kenneth Cole for $169.00

  • Pea coat 9 of 15

    I feel like pea coats are always fighting off the grandma stigma, or boring business lady stigma. But well, I like both, so I don't see the problem. If you're neither and do see a problem with both, think of this: most times they cover most of your body and they're unbelievably warm. 

    Available at Zara for $299.00

  • Waterproof jacket 10 of 15

    So I know this is something that everyone knows, and actually my midwest living in-laws are the ones who taught me the importance of a waterproof jacket. Thank you mama! So for you city girls who are trying hard to wear that cropped leather this winter, try this one on for size. 

    Available at Zappos for $179.99

  • Wellies 11 of 15

    Rain boots are pretty self-explanatory. But I'll go into them for a bit. So where I live in the city, we have a whole lot of old buildings, and a whole lot of bad drainage things. And besides my neighborhood, these street potholes like to hide under puddles of water, and that's just yucky in the cold weather. Thank goodness for these!

    Available at Hunter for $140.00

  • Down Jacket 12 of 15

    So I recently found out that a lot of down jackets are not waterproof. I of course found this out in the most difficult way, but good I found out right? Despite that, I still will be purchasing a down coat. Because in between a pea coat and a waterproof coat, the warm and cozy down jacket is always there, not needing to be used until... BAM you need it. 

    Available at H&M for $99


  • Snow boots 13 of 15

    So once upon a time I was big and pregnant and it was Christmas and my husband bought me a pair of Sorels... the rest is history. 

    Treat yourself. 

    Sorel boots $120 - $220

  • Fingerless gloves 14 of 15

    Optional fingerless gloves are amazing...and a downright must. iPhone users, mommies feeding babies sticky things etc, etc. You NEED these! 

    Available at Kate Spade $58.00

  • Chunky sweater 15 of 15

    Over your t-shirt, and then over your "real" shirt should be a chunky sweater this fall and winter. 

    Available at Asos for $67.50


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