15 Tips For Getting A More Expensive Wardrobe While You’re On A Budget

As a stylist, I work with a lot of high-powered executives and entry-level professionals, helping them figure out what to wear during business hours. And while the desired look tends to be the same for both parties, the budget is definitely not. Most of the time, I have to recreate a look that’s worth over $2,000, for only $200. This is all in hopes that what my client will get a promotion. It’s true — if you look like the boss, eventually the boss takes more notice.

What you wear says a lot about who you are and during a time when glamor is on the rise, these 15 tips are very helpful — you can still have an expensive looking wardrobe while you’re on a budget. I’m here to help!


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    Want to spruce up your wardrobe and give it a luxurious feel without spending much? Check out these tips!

  • Use Metallics 2 of 16
    metallic sweater

    Metallic coating gives clothing a sheen and sparkle that seems expensive, even though it doesn't have to be. 

    Sweater available at Piperlime, $84

  • Gold Tone Costume Jewelry 3 of 16
  • Patent Leather 4 of 16
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    This one is tricky as it can come off as cheap if you wear it the wrong way. Stick with a simple patent leather pump or bootie to play up your look. These popular red sole Louboutins are available at Neiman Marcus for $625, but you can achieve the same look at a less expensive retailer. 

    Affordable shoe available at Aldo, $54.98

  • Tweed Pieces 5 of 16

    This one is the simplest of all. Most associate tweed with Chanel, but you do not have to buy an expensive piece for your look to accomplish a similar feel and affiliation with that status. 

    Top available at Piperlime, $69

  • Velvet 6 of 16
    velvet  jacket

    Velvet was expensive to make before industrial power looms became available. Even though it's easily accessible now, it still has an expensive and luxe feel to it. 

    Available at H&M, $50

  • Suit Pants/Trouser 7 of 16
    suit pants

    Suits help you turn into a person with executive-level style, but to give achieve more of a modern feel, wear your suit pants separately. You can even use them in place of jeans for casual Friday outfits. 

    Available at H&M, $35

  • Silk or Satin Blouses 8 of 16
    silk blouse

    Silk is an expensive fabric, so anything that resembles that high-sheen style will look higher end. 

    Blouse available at H&M, $39.50

  • Vegan Leather 9 of 16
    vegan leather

     Leather looks expensive, and it is. But vegan leather has come a long way and now it can look and feel like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. 

    Jacket available at Piperlime, $139

  • Wear a Watch 10 of 16

    An expensive-looking wardrobe symbolizes that you have the income to look your best. One thing I've learned from my high-end clientele is that time is money. I've yet to see one client without a good-looking watch, and my no-brand name watch was a steal at just $20. 

    Image via Instagram

  • Blazers 11 of 16

    The easiest and fastest way to spruce up any look is with a well-fitted blazer. Basic black is best and can be worn a number of ways.

    Blazer available at Piperlime, $89.

  • Wear Dark Wash Denim 12 of 16

    I am not one to give up jeans, but light wash jeans can easily look rundown and grungy. The look of high-priced designer denim is easy to fake by buying a dark wash with a natural rise. Low rise looks too trendy and that fad is now outdated anyway. 

    Available at The Limited, $45

  • Go for Vintage 13 of 16
    vintage bags

    Vintage is a great way to score very rich-looking pieces at amazing prices. We live in a time of fast fashion, but the things our mothers, and their mothers, wore were made of better quality stuff. Check your local thrift stores. I found these luxe looking purses pictured above at $4 and $5 each. 

    Image via

  • Wear a Clutch in the Evening 14 of 16

    We carry so much around during the day, but the evenings should be for unwinding, relaxing, and having a little fun. A large handbag has no place near a cocktail dress it ends up looking sloppy. 

    Available at Forever21, $19.80


  • The New Little Black Dress Is Actually Navy 15 of 16

    Everyone knows a little black dress is a closet staple, but navy is just as rich and just as slimming as the traditional, iconic classic. Try something a little bit different to help you stand out. 

    Available at Nasty Gal, $68

  • Go for Cashmere 16 of 16

    This one can cost you, but instead of splurging on a sweater, try a cashmere-blend pashmina or scarf. It will likely be half the cost. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $69

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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