15 Ways to Wear Your Flare Leg Jeans

With each passing decade, we incorporate new pieces and silhouettes seamlessly into the “Classic Style” category without much ado. What was once just a trend, now over time, has become a classic.

I remember when, in the 1990s, the major flared leg of the ’70s returned to fashion for the first time since its origin. It wasn’t considered a classic just yet, but more of a throwback to the late 1960s and 1970s style. To me, the idea of adding width in fabric from my knees down, which balanced out my thicker thighs and butt, was genius! Instant proportion gratification! All of 17 at the time, I’d hear my mom say, “I used to wear pants just like that back in the ’70,s” and then she’d pull out her favorite plaid bell bottoms with matching jacket that she actually saved from the era. I’d often roll my eyes at the statement, hearing it so often, but the message that trends weren’t necessary new was received and absorbed into my memory database.

Now that a version of flared leg jeans have returned to fashion two or three times over since the ’90s. they have earned their Classic Style status, and rightfully so. However, be it collegiate prep, bohemian, rock star cool, laid back style, or working girl, flare leg jeans still tend to look best when paired with a pinch of their own era thrown in for good measure (think Jackie O).

Here are 15 ways I wear my favorite flares.

  • 15 Ways to Wear Flare Leg Jeans 1 of 16

    Flip through 15 different ways I wear my favorite flares.


    TIP: I've always found flares that begin right at the knee area are the most flattering of all. Make sure your shoes are platformed or heeled high enough so that your hems just skim the ground without dragging!

  • Sexy Button Down Shirt 2 of 16

    By adding a vintage military coat and floppy hat to this simple mix of flares with a button down shirt, I've taken this classic style back to its rock star roots while keeping it ready for a modern day affair.


    See Outfit Details: Button Down Shirt & Coat

  • Retro ’70s Casual 3 of 16

    This look is a real merging of modern pieces with a '70s vibe. The looser fit of the jeans and t-shirt, along with the rounded hem, add a casual feel and the scarf on the bag ties it all together.


    See Outfit Details: Retro '70s Casual From my 30 Days 30 Ways | Jeans & A White T Series

  • Simple Elegance 4 of 16

    The genius thing about jeans is that they can be dressed up or down for a variety of different looks. Worn with a simple v-neck tee and a blazer over my shoulders, this look has a simple elegance to it while being totally comfortable, yet you're not over or under dressed for any occasion.


    See Outfit Details: Simple Elegance From my 30 Days 30 Ways | Jeans & A White T Series

  • Crocheted Dress 5 of 16

     A classic grab from era's past, I wore a simple crocheted dress over my flares for a quirky and cute look. Any mini dress can be worn as a tunic and always look best paired with flares, just like the era where the style originated.


    See Outfit Details: A Crocheted Dress Over

  • Modern ’70s with a Hint of ’60s 6 of 16

     This modern '70s look with a hint of '60s is as simple as jeans, a perfectly fitting white t-shirt, a wide belt & buckle, and a scarf wrapped around your hair. It's an easy go-to look that always looks cool.


    See Outfit Details: Modern '70s with a Hint of '60s From my 30 Days 30 Ways | Jeans & A White T Series

  • Collegiate Cool 7 of 16

     I love the collegiate cool feel that this look gives off. With a smaller fitted blouse and sweater (both actually from the '70s), it combines the best of both worlds.


    See Outfit Details: Layered '70s Collegiate

  • Edge ‘Em Up 8 of 16

     Channeling Mick Jagger here with a bit of an edgier rocker look. It's surprising how versatile flared jeans are, isn't it?


    See Outfit Details: A Bit of Rock Star Edge

  • Classic Trench 9 of 16

    There's a little less flare here, so I paired these jeans with a classic trench and leopard print to create an easy go-to outfit for nearly any casual occasion.


    See Outfit Details: A Classic Trench

  • Monochromatic 10 of 16

     Monochromatic matching hues are a fun look to pull off and I loved wearing this blue ensemble. Notice the shape of the blazer mimicking the jeans here for a real figure enhancer, disguiser, and all-around flatterer. It also helps that the jeans and blouse are a similar dark tone while the blazer is much lighter.


    See Outfit Details: Monochromatic Loose Layers

  • Just Off A Boat 11 of 16

     There are plenty of ways to "Go Nautical" and I loved the messy "Just off a boat" feel that this look embodies. Layer a cropped boat neck sweater over a longer striped tank to even out proportions and flatter your shape.


    See Outfit Details: Messy Nautical Look

  • Bright Coat 12 of 16

     A bright coat does wonders for any ensemble, but the flared feel of this vintage leather coat mimicked the lines of the jeans for some perfect proportions.


    See Outfit Details: A Bright Leather Coat

  • Gray + Pink 13 of 16

    A classic take on an original '70s look, this blow blouse and gray blazer are actually from the era. Adding a modern hair style and bag make it fresh and modern for a great work look.


    See Outfit Details: Gray Blazer + Pink Blouse

  • Bohemian 14 of 16

    Channel Janis Joplin, or even Nicole Richie, by adding a long silk kimono jacket with a groovy print to faded flares for a Bohemian Chic look.


    See Outfit Details: Bohemian Chic

  • White Layers with Gold Accessories 15 of 16

    I loved the layered white pieces here, from sheer to solid, and cut out lapels they added a great textured affect and, paired with gold accents, you can wear it on the job and then out to play after the work day is done.


    See Outfit Details: White Layers with Gold

  • Blouse It Out 16 of 16

    Wear your flares as a simple throwback by pairing them with a bow tie blouse.  Add a fun pop of color with a belt or bag and you're ready for any event.


    See Outfit Details: Bow Blouse & Belt

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